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Subscribers also get the full flexibility in a postpaid plan with. Globe Telecom started introducing last January 16 its new myLifestyle Plan to customers as it replaced its old postpaid offerings. To enroll with Globe DUO, postpaid users need to. In my case, I chose plan from Super Plan Choose the freebies. I got 2 freebies. Each plan has their corresponding inclusions and freebies, but let us compare the suggested postpaid plan of Globe and Smart for the Galaxy.

Built-in unlimited calls and texts to Globe and TM plus freebies such as the. Since Globe already possesses the required customer information, postpaid and Tatoo Home subscribers are automatically registered to the raffle. New from Globe Telecom postpaid plan, the Globe MyLifestyle Plan for Cebuano digital lifestyle that lets you create and customize your plan according to your needs.

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The next day, Saturday, I got a text message from Buddy telling me that he got the documents. An hour after, Buddy sent me series of text messages asking about mom's office number, TIN, father's name, mother's maiden name, grandmother's name, office address, etc. Since it was a weekend November 24, , Buddy said it would take 2 to 3 working days for our application to be processed. Monday morning at around 10am, November 26, Globe called up confirming mom's identity.

Again, they asked a lot of questions. At 6pm, someone called up again telling us that our application was approved.

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Super fast! Globe representative told us our orders will be delivered on December 1. He told mom that she must be there when delivered because she has to sign some contracts. I was a bit disappointed because mom and I really stayed at home the whole day. We were very excited. But then, nothing came.

We expected the delivery on a Sunday I asked what happened to the delivery. It was so kind of him to respond promptly. Buddy said the delivery was delayed due to the holiday.

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Oh yes, it makes sense. November 30 was holiday. Monday, December 3, someone called up again. This time its the courier!

Unfortunately, mom was not at home that time. So, we asked them to meet at mom's office instead. Globe's Official Courier is Fed Ex. Mom signed the contract.

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Finally, we got the phones! I paid 1,php upfront. Blackberry Curve at with mandatory add-on of 99 for BBM. Samsung Galaxy Pocket at with mandatory add on of 99 for Powersurf. Isn't it obvious that we are not really excited? Soon after we got the phones, we bought rubber protectors. The black one's mine and blue for mom.

Get the Oppo A57 for P500 with Globe Postpaid Plan 999

I love how Samsung Galaxy Pocket looks with the black protector. It's like a MAN's phone. Love it!

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I didn't have any idea Globe could be this fast. I was just trying my luck if mom can pass.

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She did without doing anything. I did all the transactions in her behalf. LOL Anyway, its really good there's such service from telecom companies now. I just hope there are no extra charges on my future bills. I heard some Globe users experienced some bill shock. However, Globe guaranteed that they will not charge customers under plans more than php.

I will be updating you guys when my bill comes. I hope i won't get the "bill shock". With the other services, I am yet to find them out and share them to you.