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My guess on that is that the diffraction and focus issues, out of the box, the light coming out of these things would be nothing to a plane overhead. Therefore insulated from the heatsink.

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I am deeply saddened that I missed out on the fire sale at Home Depot. I have been known to buy deeply discounted items to use in other projects, though for that I tend to visit year sales. I saw one in a neighborhood this year. At a yard sized distance, one of the colors in the eye was easy to miss and nothing to worry about. It was a little foggy and by moving my head around I could barely see the beams and not at all if I was about 10 minutes of arc 3 mrad off the axis. I bought one of these at the SEG in Shenzhen in about There were being used all over by aiming at the floor to catch attention at a booth, and only one person had them for sale.

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We thought about selling them for Xmas but the liability problem was too big a hurdle. Outdoors, the green laser quit when the temperature dropped to near freezing. I figured it was from the KDP crystal lattice changing spacing until it could not match the IR from the diode. So, no good in snow country without an internal heater.

We tried it as an alternative to lights on a tree and it really takes at least two of them, and mounted ceiling high to keep kids from staring in the hole. It is OK for store displays if it was a lot brighter but store owners will think better of it if anyone mentions laser power limitations, etc. Cool gizmo though.

And we had never heard of such a thing until we stumbled across them in person. I think our local hardware chain overstocked big time. Sad thing is that the demo packaging sells 8 or more while powering a sample unit in the middle with a push button and on-board batteries. This likely gets crushed and thrown out. Must have some sort of X and Y beam control. Really wanted to buy this, if anyone had already spent some time to tear it apart and show what makes it tick inside. Still available, Everyone! DPSS is pretty critical when it comes to internal temps to operate efficiently. Not only is there and issue with the temp that the SHG crystal wants to be at, but the Nd:YVO4 crystal itself is wavelength dependent and the diode wavelength will change with temperature.

But mainly you just got to keep the things warm, green pointers are used in astronomy a lot and they start loosing power big time when it gets cold out so they sell ones with heaters built in. The blue diode on the other hand does not care so much.

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They can take up to about 70c at the case. Why make a dual heatsink in that case? It seems like somebody screwed up somewhere, or at least they were trying to reuse existing dual-sinks from an earlier version where both lasers were the same diameter. Some time ago someone on Hack A Day built a monochrome projection microscope by shining a laser through a hanging drop containing living creatures.

Using the three lasers from this gadget you could get the same in full colour, though it might be very difficult to align the beams. It is just red-green, but has the remote control and was music activated. I wanna use them for an effect for a showchoir..

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