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By Email. In fact, we commonly sell to customers that have had a Heli-Coil repair fail and blow back out. We also have had many customers that have tried cheap parts store kits that only bought them a little time, before they were back in the same situation, with a Blown spark plug. They have been keeping us VERY busy.

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It's what we consider a temporary repair because it relies on a self tapping adapter and uses a Ford 3V spark plug! Sometimes they last a little while, sometimes they leak compression and sometimes won't even thread in at all. We sell the Time Sert when the Dorman fails. So it's best NOT to drive a vehicle that's loosing compression. In this case it didn't blowout.

The heat that resulted from escaping compression melted down the spark plug boot and some hoses. What a disaster! More on repairing damage from the Dorman Time Sert kits are designed to drill out the bad material and to tap threads into the hole, to accept the new solid insert.

The Time Sert installation driver, finishes the threads and expands the bottom of the insert locking it into position. Or give us a call at The kit numbers listed on this page are continually our best sellers and we've had no reported failures! One of the best features is that the spark plug thread repair inserts can be installed over the fender without the need to remove the cylinder head.


Using the Time Sert or the Calvan Kits It's worth saying again "these kits have much thicker inserts that can be used when other thinner repairs like the Heli-coil or Sav-A-Thread have failed to hold". Using these kits require about the same access as if you were changing the spark plugs.

Just a few steps more. The instruction videos that we provide, layout details on using the kits. Upon request when purchasing from us, we provide a compilation of the tips we think are important when using these kits. These tips are emailed to our customers upon purchase. We will also personally answer questions if needed, but we've found the tips clarify the job.

At checkout just write "Tips" in the Comments field and we will email the tips when processing the order. Additional Tips Emailed free after purchase. Just write "Tips" in the comments during checkout.

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Many of our customers with 4. Some only fix the failed ones and check the tightness on the others. Either way, this helps prevent the possibility of any future spark plug blow-outs. Basic Tool List 1. Air Ratchet not included If a good quality air ratchet is not on hand we can ship one at the same time. Starter Button-optional not included Manually turning the engine with a socket and ratchet on the crank bolt eliminates the need for a starter button. Cylinder Leak Detector included in kit Available separately.

Air Blow Gun with " of Small Tubing not included 8. Safety Glasses not included. Brake Cleaner, to help clean out the cylinders and provide clean threads for loctite or JB Weld to adhere to. Below are a few of the questions we have answered related to spark plug blow outs in Ford and Lincoln vehicles.


See our mechanics FAQ tool blog for even more questions answered on this topic. Question: I have a Ford F with a 4. The number 3 spark plug blew out of the cylinder head. I called my local repair shop and was told that this was a common problem with this design engine because of the extremely thin aluminum casting in the spark plug area of the engine head, there is only about five threads for a spark plug. How are your inserts better? Answer: While it is true there are only five threads for the spark plug in this design engine for the spark plug and the Calvan insert has five spark plug threads as well, the Calvan spark plug insert is steel not aluminum and the insert itself is held in place with ten external threads.

The Calvan spark plug insert improves the design and durability at fraction of the cost of replacing the cylinder heads with the same design weakness. Time Sert offers fully threaded inserts PN Question: I am selling my truck as fast as I can get a spark plug to stay in long enough to get rid of it. I wanted to use a Heli-coil because I won't have to drill, but the thread tool isn't long enough to reach in the spark plug recess, any suggestions?

Answer: I personally recommend the Time Sert or the Calvan tools because they are a better repair, but if you would rather use the thinner Heli-coil insert, the HEL has the longer thread tool than the standard Heli-coil kit. Question: I have Ford van that has had a Sav-A-Thread installed previously, it has blown out and I want to know if the Calvan insert will work since the Sav-A-Thread has left a bigger hole now?

Answer: Yes, the Calvan spark plug repair insert is a larger insert and has worked well for our customers before, saving the expense of replacing the heads. The Time Sert has the largest outside diameter and therefore can save heads that have pretty large holes.

In fact up to. Question: I used a Dorman cylinder head repair kit on my Ford F I hear compression leaking though. Do you have a thread repair kit that can fix an egg shaped hole? Hair Hair Straightening Haircut Barbers 2. Salons Hair Removal Skin Care Spas Cosmetic Procedures Nail Salons Tanning 6. Massage 5. Makeup 2.