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What is a carnival without games? You will have the opportunity to win some adorable prizes if you choose to play any of the games. There are some that are kid friendly and easy for them to play. Cute stuffed unicorns, monkeys, and more are some of the prizes you can win. Not only is there typical carnival food think funnel cake, elephant ears, candy apples, etc but also delicious Hispanic food, Italian, and more. Come with an empty stomach because you will want to try everything. The funnel cake and kettle popcorn are a must have for me — I get it every time I visit a carnival.

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Digilio explained to his listeners that he landed in the hospital after complicating existing stomach troubles by consuming too much alcohol being unable to eat much food. He explained that he came down with a stomach ailment in May that made it difficult to eat. His overconsumption of alcohol caused him to spend five days in the hospital. He admits it was a stupid thing to do and blames no one but himself. The station had been an oldies outlet before flipping to sports talk in January of I tell it like it is.

The two worked together from It has the potential to become a very influential vehicle for consciousness-raising for the animal rights movement, one of the fastest growing areas of public sentiment in America today. Its mission is to champion the beleaguered small farmers of the nation being pushed out by the alliance of Big Agriculture and Big Government. It has now cleared about 30 stations and is adding new ones daily on the GCN and Radio America platforms. For more information, contact David Bernstein at Because it is the only institution solely devoted to educating the public about the fundamental value of First Amendment freedoms and free expression, the Newseum is a great gift to the nation and the world.

Nationally syndicated talk host and practicing physician Dr. Walker — a just-announced candidate for president in — visited the Silver State a day after announcing his candidacy. It took Stig just six months to take the afternoon show from 8th to 1st in Persons They are also listening to the Stig show an hour longer a week than they were six months ago in the key demo.

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Conservative talk still works and works well if you are a true conservative and stick to your principals. Advertisers that are looking ahead to are putting us in their mix when we were a non-issue at this time last year. But it is good to know that good local programming that responds to the needs of the listeners still wins. We look forward to hearing — and reporting — more of them in the future! For those attending the Talkers Los Angeles conference at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood next Thursday, this will be one of the focal points of the event.

King started at WQAM in as producer of the Dan Le Batard show, eventually became executive producer of the Jorge Sedano show and took the position of assistant program director in May Prime Opportunity for Conservative Talker in Seattle. We are passionate about our beliefs, yet we also want to move the community conversation forward in a meaningful way and make a difference where we live and work.

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Writing on BlueOregon. October marks the only opening for new independent radio licenses granted by the FCC — a one-week window after a year battle. Congress has allowed commercial radio stations to snatch up nearly all available frequencies and the ears of billions of listeners for a long time. This is XRAY.

FM is partnering with community organizations around Oregon to make sure that the whole state can enjoy the sweet sounds of progressive radio once again. John Ireland and Mychal Thompson will continue to call the games….. Coming in at 2 this week was the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. At 3 was U. He promises a full statement will be forthcoming on Monday morning clarifying missing details of the story as it stands that will alleviate many of the concerns raised by the fact that it is incomplete.

Again, none of this has been confirmed by Masters specifically, although our sources include mid-to-high-level executives in the company and reliable agencies with whom they do business. These recordings will provide the basis for an in-depth documentary on the project that will run next week on TalkersTV here on Talkers. To see it, please click here.

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They had about 50 people in our studio for two days — more people in my offices than we had employees. All for an eight-minute segment…The nightly news is doing a fine job of putting itself out of business. Who watches it? I mean really, besides my grandparents, who are both dead, who is watching the nightly news? Zoller recently debuted her own Georgia political news blog at www. Van Hoof, as a key decision maker, and Mr. Those are the elements I expect from our new show. Coleman had previously aired on Saturday and Sunday nights.

For complete registration and hotel information call or click here. The New Jersey Broadcasters Associatio n reports that a little less than one year after the devastating storm Sandy hit the state of New Jersey and brought huge numbers of citizens with limited communications options to the radio for news and information, many of those people are relatively young and have stayed with radio, according to recent ratings trends.

Since then, our stations have successfully converted many of them into regular listeners, who turned to our reliable local broadcasters when the power went out and radio became an essential lifeline for everyone in the Garden State! What we have now noticed is that many of our stations now have an appreciably increased listener base across many demos than before the storm.

Talkers Los Angeles — Thursday, October 10, — am to pm. Youngest Reporter in Berlin. He notes that Albert Einstein was the first keynote speaker at the inaugural show back in Graveline is celebrating his 10 th anniversary covering this enormous consumer electronics and appliance show. The debate over U.

Radio Coverage of Campaign Shifts to Charlotte. Talk show hosts and news staffers from stations of all formats are ensconced in their radio row remote studios preparing to report to their markets over the next three days. South Florida media chatter indicates Sileo was originally being considered for the midday slot but was hired for PM drive when he became available after exiting WDAE, Tampa and Sid Rosenberg was suddenly let go from the PM drive slot.

Sedano recently was hired to host the pre- and post-game shows for Miami Heat games on the Sun Sports telecasts. I felt if I wanted to get back in radio, and it was a perfect situation, I would get back. This is perfect situation. I can put my imprint on the radio station. Today the sports juggernaut picks up even more steam with the launch of two more major networks joining the ranks of four other biggies in what is becoming a crowded super-competitive marketplace. The group has not indicated one way or the other if it intends to take such action. Talk show host and former Arizona U. Andrews tells AccessNorthGa.

Brenau University is my alma mater, and having the opportunity to manage this remarkable student station, return to the air, and most importantly help students learn the radio, TV and internet media businesses is quite an honor.

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Since it is technically a morning show it will move faster. We will also attempt to open the format up to more listeners by taking phone calls, interviewing Brenau newsmakers, and also become more involved in the community. We will work toward having regular contributors covering news, and current and historical events. As always we will try do this with style, great hit music, and humor.

The fame he enjoyed while co-hosting the show has become a distant memory.

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The successful radio and TV series is primarily and rightfully associated with Dr. Drew Pinsky. The Poorman continues to feel bitter about losing the show he feels he created. Since then, he has either been fired or stormed away from a dozen stations. His career has never recovered. Ah, but now his career has been given a spark of new hope.

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Omni also closed the same day to purchase time for the Ticket Sports Network until the close of the sale. Arnold headed the organization since She cherished the opportunity to help local broadcasters strengthen their communities and had yet to find the challenge that would daunt her. It also provides members of the talk radio community with a place and reason to meet and network in a working situation conducive to enhancing existing relationships and forging new ones.

The Ernest Istook program, hosted by the former congressman and produced by WYD Media , also emanated from the convention site this week and gave Istook the opportunity to chat with U. Rehkopf was the featured morning drive anchor at the station. I look forward to providing Pittsburgh with a quality program of essential news, information and entertainment to wrap up their work day. Other possibilities include that Mel is simply cashing in his chips for a job clearly well done or that it is a maneuver to throw an obstacle in the way of Liberty taking control.

Be prepared, because this news is going to cause some wild speculation and debate. I would not be surprised to see the stock price move down on this news. As NBC Sports Radio and partner Dial Global prepare to debut their late night and overnight sports talk radio shows and hourly sports news reports on Tuesday, September 4, the list of affiliates for the programming is being made public.

The build-up to a national affiliate base with a big rollout is always a challenge and NBC is gearing up with a lot of medium and small market stations for its sports talk shows and has some major market clears on small or outlying signals. To see where the shows will debut, click here. Emmis Communications CEO Jeff Smulyan issued an e-mail memo to staffers informing them that they would be receiving cash bonuses to reward their loyalty and dedication to the company during these tough economic times.

Salem Communications to Pay Q3 Dividend. The dividend will be paid to all shareholders of record as of September 14 and will be paid on September Couric clearly appears to be bucking the trend in what makes successful daytime talk TV but she appears determined. Attention Radio Sales Staffers!

This week marks the 90 th anniversary of the first sale of radio time.