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It seems too good to be true. Joann's will match an online current price if you show them proof print online add or show on smartphone but they can not use an online coupon because it does not have a numerical barcode. I'm not sure about other stores, but my store Citrus Park, FL allows multiples of competitor coupons as well, as long as they're all different barcodes. So you could use 2 Jo-Ann coupons and 2 Michaels, etc. I would recommend trying to use multiple competitors coupons until you find out that you can't! Wouldn't want to miss out on that extra savings, just in case your store allows it like mine does.

I try to explain the awesomeness of our coupon policy but everyone just wants to get through and get out. This is just a great article!! Hi, I know when I worked at JoAnns a year ago, there was no rule on how many competitor coupons you could use. The same rules applied though, that the bar codes could not be the same. So it works the same way, online coupons, app coupons, mailer coupons, as long as they did not have the same code! But it is correct that Joanns will not except coupons on items that Michaels, AC Moore, etc do not sell i.

Happy shopping! Please note that multiple competitor coupons is incorrect - one per competitor. Multiple JA coupons with different barcodes are fine. I work at JoAnn's and I was a bit skeptical when I saw this pin. However, everything here is legit I'm glad someone out there 'gets' the coupon policy. It's very frustrating at times trying to get people to understand it.

Can you use email coupons more than once in a week? For example if I used it Monday can I use it any other day of the week?

Michael’s Now Accepts All Competitor Coupons – Everything You Need to Know!

You can even use it again that same day. I just open up my phone, show them the email and they scan the barcode or barcodes if I got several email coupons that week.

Stefanie is wrong or incorrectly interpreting your question. If it's Monday's coupon that ends in with your name on it NO it can't be used twice.

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Personal coupons are a one-time use. Multiple uses will eventually be found out and your emails will stop. You can use them at the same time, but on different items. Some were even the same color. I had a few coupons I printed from emails, two from text messages, and one from their app. Also, for the coupons, check more than the last 3 numbers. I had a few that all ended with , for example, but the numbers right before those three were different, so they were considered different coupons. When do the new coupons come out? There are coupons ending this Saturday and yet there are sales starting this Sunday.

Thank you! I have noticed sometimes there are on-line sales on Joann's website that aren't in the store but the manager at my local Joann will honor the on-line price. Never hurts to ask! I used a combo of six coupons from both JoAnn's and Michaels, last year, all with different barcodes and they were accepted just like you wrote about. The cashier looked at me a little cross-eyed, but she rang it all up and I saved a fortune.

I came in the following week and JoAnn's changed their policy-- one coupon only, just like Michaels. Do you happen to know if this is a corporate policy or if this is a change made on a local level? As far as I know, I must be a local change. My local Joann's still accepts multiple :. All JA stores should be following the same policy. If one store does it they should all do it. Great post. Its a great news for me indeed. I do not know the cause but I feel excited to collect coupons from online. Hope couponsponge will be helpdul. I need to buy a bunch of stuff for my daughter's birthday party, but am not ready and the coupon ends tomorrow.

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What an awesome blog you have got there Incredible! This blog looks exactly like my old one! Superb choice of colors! Good luck with your osm blog sandy!! Rules state that you can only accept one coupon per competitor so only one Michaels and one AC Moore Please don't say this. This is extremely rude and actually influences how corporations decide things.

And it is stealing. This site is great. I'm saving money at the mall and restaurants. Amazing site.. Your site rocks! Thank you.

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It is this awesome! You can easily find coupons from different sites and get a few with different codes and use them all in one transaction. Use the coupons from the store that offers a higher discount at the other stores and you can really save a lot of money! Michaels will give a senior discount too. I wonder if Joanne's will. I will have to ask. Thanks for the blog. I will be using multiple coupons now. Supposedly Senior Citizen Day is every quarter on a Wednesday. Corporate has decided not to advertise it like they used to "bagger" ads, the little fliers we stuff in your bag so keep an eye out on the emails, website, newspaper flyer, and personal flyers for when.

I say "supposedly" because there was an instance when it took place about two weeks later.

Joanns does have senior discounts, but they are designated during the month. Its advertised in the store, sometimes hanging out flyers the week before. Also there is a military discount all of the time. Take the ad to WalMart and they will honor the price. I have done this numerous times in different WalMarts.

Also, I used a JoAnn's ad that said buy one Simplicity rotary cutting machine and get another Simplicity craft machine for free. WalMart honored that also.

Joann’s, Michael’s and Tuesday Morning haul 5/26/19

Wow That's Amazing Thank you for sharing this information I actually didn't knew that Online Discount Coupons in Lucknow. One coupon per item; six skeins of yarn of the same color is still six skeins, six items. So no. You'd need six coupons. I have been to Joann a few times with my wife a couple times recently and I know there are always coupons on line that are easy to find. They seem to be playing a game though. Last time we went the item she wanted was on an "unadvertised" sale.

Unadvertised meaning the sale price was not reflected on the peg we pulled the item off, there was no sign around the rack of items saying there was a sale nor any signage we could see anyplace in the store. This seems a lot like bait and switch to me, or we should have been given the option to pay the higher price and use our coupon.

Oddly enough they got her ire up more than mine and she said she will not be back. This has happened to me too! And very conveniently for them, there are no price checkers in the store for customers to check prices before standing forever in line. Posts on Clarks Condensed contain affiliate links, which I earn a small commission from. These are provided for your convenience, and the price isn't increased at all. Here are seven secrets to shopping there to maximize your savings! There are a few stores that I frequent on a regular basis. One of those is Jo-Ann Fabric.

They have the best selection of fabric, and I think they almost always have everything I need. You can get craft and sewing supplies, gifts, and even supplies for making yummy treats, so I think this is pretty essential information for the upcoming holiday season! My philosophy for shopping at Jo-Ann Fabric is this — always use a coupon and use as many as you can. Not every coupon can be used on every product, so be sure to check the fine print, but I think you can definitely save a bundle.

You can use a different coupon per product you are buying, so you definitely want to round-up all the coupons you can!

craftEdaze: How to Coupon at JoAnn Fabrics–NEVER Pay Full Price Again!!

Most coupons exclude sale prices, so that was pretty awesome. It has a few different features, but the coupon part is the best. There is an app available for both iOS and Android devices. You need to download the mobile app, and then whenever you checkout, make sure they scan the Joann Smiles barcode.

Eventually, you will start to get personalized coupons, cashback offers, and more. You can read more about it here. You get cash back for certain purchases. There are always coupons available on the Jo-Ann website. You can go here for their printable coupons! I always look forward to my mailer coming in the mail each week. This is one of my favorite ways to coupon — using competitor coupons! I believe that as long as the other stores sell a similar product to what you are using the coupon on, you can use the coupon. All in all, coupons are essential for successful Jo-Ann Fabric shopping!

It really makes things more affordable. Seniors, teachers, and members of the military all qualify for special discounts at Michaels. Here's how it breaks down:. Then grab a cart and get your shopping done while the kids are entertained and looked after by the staff. It's a pretty good deal.

It's a pretty well known and possibly cliched "hack" to shop for next year's holiday decor immediately after the holiday, but well, if it's true then it's true! Money Travel Tech Lifestyle Fashion. Use competitors' coupons at Michaels. Here's a list of what coupons Michaels accepts: A. Moore Ben Franklin Hobby Lobby JOANN To take the best advantage of this policy, we recommend bookmarking all of these competitors' coupon pages, then comparing them for the best deal before heading to the store.

Try stacking coupons at Michaels. Check the Facebook page for special limited-time coupons.