Oil change and transmission flush coupons

But most local repair shops offer transmission services at a fraction of the cost with just as much quality and experience behind their work, if not more.

Transmission Services

The Pennysaver is a good place to look, and they also have a website so you can look for local offers. Craigslist is another viable option; just choose your area and look for automotive services near the bottom. If all else fails you can always employ the method of haggling.

Simply research potential quality repair shops and ask them if they are willing to lower their prices within reason! More info on transmission flush cost here. Many shops will consider giving you a discount if it means being able to do business with you. Most manufacturers recommend a transmission flush every 30, miles or every couple of years.

Here's Why Changing Your Transmission Fluid Can Cause Damage

However, there are other times besides these intervals when a flush might be a good idea. These include:.

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  • How to check transmission fluid in an automatic transmission?.

There is some speculation that a transmission flush can do more harm than good by dislodging debris along the transmission line. However, this usually only happens when the auto shop is using a machine that forces the fluid backward through the system, instead of the gentle flush method we described above.

$121.30 - $489.54

That being said, if your vehicle has gone , miles or more and you've never done a transmission flush, there's a greater chance that a flush will cause the transmission to fail, and your mechanic may advise against it. Just as a reality check: flushing the transmission fluid won't fix existing problems with the transmission. If you notice symptoms like erratic shifting or grinding noises, your transmission may already be damaged, and while flushing the fluid might delay transmission failure, it won't prevent it.

A trusted specialist will be able to advise you whether transmission repairs are needed.