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In Bhim Singh's case, 7.

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The Report illustrates the manner in which Iraq manipulated the Programme to dispense contracts on the basis of political preference and to derive illicit payments from companies that obtained oil and humanitarian goods contracts. Oil surcharges were paid in connection with the contracts of companies, and humanitarian kickbacks were paid in connection with the contracts of 2, companies. The Volcker Committee report is at pains to clarify that the identification of a company's contract as "the subject of an illicit payment" does not necessarily mean that the company made, authorised, or knew about the payment.

A large number of Indian companies are listed in Table 7 dealing with illicit payments on contracts for humanitarian goods.

The 6'7" Giant Who Ended Stagflation and Has His Own Rule

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However, in July the data showed that the recession had bottomed out. At the same time, after hitting its peak in , inflation began to decline, falling to 6.

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The unemployment rate hit a peak of With the recovery at hand and inflation greatly reduced, the political pressure on Volcker and the Federal Reserve eased, and the economy entered a new period of sustained growth and low inflation. There was little confidence that inflation could rapidly be brought under control without enormous economic disruption. The prevailing strategy of gradualism had been to bring the inflation rate down slowly over time through fine-tuned adjustments in the federal funds rate.

By breaking with traditional operating procedures, and persevering despite a recession that was quite large by historical standards, the Fed re-established credibility for low inflation Goodfriend and King In the end, the recession turned out to be smaller than many gradualists had predicted.

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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Dow Jones News Service. Federal Reserve Bank of St.

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Goodfriend, Marvin. Louis Review 87, no. Goodfriend, Marvin, and Robert King. Neikirk, William R. Volcker, Portrait of the Money Man. New York: Congdon and Weed Inc. Silber, William L. Todd, Tim.

Paul Volcker Committee

The Wall Street Journal. Walsh, Carl. Paul A. Volcker Chairman.

Natwar Singh: Fall guy or guilty as charged?

Written as of November 22, See disclaimer. Related Essays The Great Inflation. Related People Paul A. Volcker Chairman Board of Governors —