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They have a car listed which I am interested in, but I experienced a rather "odd" phone conversation with someone with a lot of what seemed "canned" background noise. Frankly, before I give anyone money, I need to know the car exists and the owner is a real person in a real place. Too many scams around to just toss around a Grand.

Have never heard of, or had contact with, this entity.

First Time Buyer?

It speaks for itself IMHO. Don't walk, run from this dealer or we will be reading a post from you in the future wanting to know how to get your money back. They will not let you talk to the owner so they control the sale. They claim that the owner consigns with them to avoid talking to you. It is also apparent that they have never seen the car so it will be a long back and forth. All they do is list and run interference.

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Sounds like a great racket, as Big Al in Chicago used to say. If all of the 70, AACA forum members inquire about one of their cars like the Toyota Corolla they have for 7 grand , and ask to speak with the owner, they pocket 70 million bucks and we wait to see how long till we get our deposits back That's exactly why my clients work with me--they don't want to deal with the process or the buyers, they just want the car to go away. I don't think I'm doing anything shady by providing such a service and respecting their privacy.

When you bought your house, did you demand to speak to the people who lived there or did you talk to your realtor to get answers? There's absolutely nothing wrong with sellers who don't want to participate the process of selling a car and nothing wrong with a dealer acting as an intermediary between the public and that seller. If you have questions, I'll answer them or I'll get the answer and report back to you, but I'm not going to put every tire-kicker who calls through to someone who doesn't want to be bothered by them.

On average, it usually takes inquiries to get each car sold. Should every one of those guys get a direct line to the seller just to get answers that I can supply? But for a general inquiry or a maybe-just-kind-of-interested inquiry? How is the owner telling you something more critical than the same information coming from a dealer?

So no, I don't think it's "running interference" and controlling the situation. It's protecting a client's privacy and handling the sale in a professional manner. I also deliver value above and beyond simply being a money-handler. International shipping? No problem. Can do! Yes, I'll take that and give you this. Follow-up service? If the car isn't what I said it is, I'll make it right, no questions asked. A deposit demonstrates the seriousness of the buyer before they spend the time and get the owner involved. If I called a car owner every time someone inquired about their car, my clients would have to have a special Bat-Phone hotline from my desk to theirs.

The refundable deposit merely weeds out the dreamers and tire-kickers not that Scott is such a person, but that's the intent of the refundable deposit. And if you put it on your credit card, you have an easy way to get it back if things go sideways. In several situations when someone absolutely, positively HAD to talk to an owner before they would conclude the deal, I asked the owner if they would be amenable to it.

They usually are. However, I'll also say that in every single one of those cases, at some point the potential buyer said to the owner, "Hey, what does it take to buy that car, you know, skip the sales guy's commission and all, just cash money between you and me? I work hard for my money, I'm honest, and I deliver results for my sellers and quality cars for my buyers. I'm allowed to get paid, even if the buyer thinks he shouldn't have to pay for those services.

I don't know this dealer, I'm not defending him or condemning him. I'm just saying that what he does and his procedure is not out of the ordinary and doesn't suggest that he's in the business of collecting deposits and disappearing with them. He's just trying to keep the vast majority of inquiries that go nowhere from overwhelming his clients. That's exactly why my clients work with me--they don't want to deal with the process or the buyers, they just want the car to go away Unless I am mistaken I believe that you have at least seen the cars that you list. They make it clear that the cars are not at their location but are still with the owners.

I don't think that they have actually seen any of the cars. I think that is the case. Last summer I went to look at a car and the owner asked how I knew it was for sale as he had pulled it off Craigslist several months before. It did have an email link and listed where the car was located but he had no idea that there was a live ad. He declined but they apparently listed it anyway. Odd way to do business. A quick text to the seller in Phoenix confirms he is working with the dealer in Michigan.

This must be what happens when you respond to those people who e-mail you saying "let me help you sell your car". I googled the phone number and it came up with this address :. Cadillac, MI You decide from there. But cars are pretty easy to find online. I can usually free up the time on short notice. For a long time I have said, you have to look at cars to find a good one. Screening a bunch online sure helps. When I was trying to sell a 65 country squire I had someone contact me with a similar deal trying to help me sell it but never did send them any pictures.

Sounds shady. Check out my reviews on Cars. Good experience in service and in parts. Christopher S. Experience was great. I do have one I do have one concern about my Chevy Colorado and it's the transmission makes a hard shift every time i backup. Kelvin O. Great experience as always 5.

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Great experience as always Robert H. My experience with a service department My experience with a service department was excellent the service manager I forget his name Gary perhaps superb kept me up-to-date with the developmen Victor G.

Excellent service 5. Excellent service Michael H. Why do so many people drive the Electric Chevrolet Bolt?

Pawn Stars: 5 Ultimate Classic Car Deals - History

Why do so many shoppers choose the Chevy Colorado? What makes the Suburban such a great full-size SUV? Why do so many people drive the Trax?

Classifieds for Classic Car Deals

Why is the Tahoe such a popular large SUV? Why is the Equinox such a popular midsize SUV? What makes the Silverado such a great full-size pickup? Why do so many people choose the Chevy Cruze? The Bolt is a fully electric car that tops Car and Driver's list of electric vehicles, and it's actually fun to drive. Its hp electric motor gets MPGe, lb.

It's comfortable, well-made and will save you money at the pump with an estimated miles of pure battery range. It rides well even when roads are rough and it has great acceleration, getting up to 60 mph in 6. Search our inventory of Chevy Bolts to find the color and options you're looking for. Shop the Bolt at Classic. The Colorado is a dependable mid-size truck with plenty of power. This truck can tow up to 7, lbs. It gets great gas mileage for its class, saving you money at the pump. Search our inventory of Chevy Colorados to find the color and options you're looking for.

Colorado Inventory. The Chevy Suburban has been around since , and over the years it has developed a reputation as a reliable, full-size SUV. It seats up to nine with tons of storage space, and can tow up to 8, lbs. It offers high-rated safety features such as low-speed forward automatic braking and a rear vision camera to help you and your family stay safe on the road. It's comfortable, well-made and gets the job done, for you Search our inventory of Chevy Suburbans to find one that's right for you.

New Surburban Inventory. It comes with a horsepower 1. It is fuel-efficient and gets great gas mileage for its class, with an estimated 33 MPG on the highway. It's comfortable, well-made and is great for getting around town. Search our inventory of Chevy Traxes. Chevy Trax Inventory. Highly rated safety features such as Blind Zone Alert and automatic forward braking will help you avoid accidents before they happen. Search our inventory of Chevy Tahoes to find the color and options you want.

Chevy Tahoe Inventory. The third-generation Equinox is a highly rated compact SUV that's comfortable and really fun to drive. It gets great gas mileage for its class and will save you at the pump. It has Multi-Flex sliding rear seats to give you and your family all the space you need. Search our inventory of new Chevy Equinoxes to find the color and options you're looking for.

Equinox Inventory. The Silverado is a classic American pickup truck. It's a highly rated truck with a smooth ride and quiet cabin, and it can carry your heavy loads. The base engine is a horsepower V-6, but for more power, you can choose a horsepower V-8 or a horsepower V It comes with several trims and engines, with maximum payload of 2, lbs.

Regular cabs offer 6. Chevy Silverado Inventory. The Cruze is a good value, reliable compact that drives like a bigger car. You can choose between a sedan and hatchback.

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Both come with a horsepower 1. They both provide a great ride and get fantastic gas mileage. Comfortable front seats, a roomy back for your passengers, and a large trunk make the Cruze great for road trips…or just getting around town. Search our inventory of Chevrolet Cruzes to choose the color and options that are right for you. Chevrolet Cruze Inventory. In fact, we often have over 2, Chevrolet cars, trucks, and SUVs.