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With some upgradation in cyclone feeder and electronic version, the alpha elite can be unbeatable on the field. The cyclone feeder higher capacity including balls can give you much confidence while shooting your opponents. You can even switch from semi-auto to full-auto according to your needs. If you really want the real-world battle experience like US Army, then there is just no alternative to buying this superb gun! When looking to buy your first paintball gun, it is possible to get overwhelmed.

As a new player, there are a lot of options to choose from a wide variety of styles and manufacturers. Therefore, it shouldn't be difficult for you to make a choice. But if you have no idea where to start or what to look for, here is a paintball gun looking to get out of your gear. The first step in purchasing a paintball gun is to determine the amount of money that you are willing to spend on. Always keep in mind that there is always something that fits within your budget.

A great aspect of paintball guns is that there is a wide variety of markers to choose from and this makes the budget as flexible as possible. There are different types of starter packages for the absolute beginner. Therefore, whether you are looking for a cheap paintball gun that comes with all the trimmings or a paintball gun that has more advanced options you can be assured that you will get everything you are looking for depending on your budget.

On the other hand, if you are looking to upgrade from one paintball gun to the next or if you will be using your paintball gun to play tournaments, there are many options still made available to you. The best thing about paintball guns is that it is very easy to upgrade the markers. This means that you can easily start off with a basic model, but instead of buying a new paintball gun to access advanced options, all you have to do is upgrade your markers and after some time you will have a superior model at a cheaper price.

Regardless of your budget, there are many paintball gun markers that are sufficient enough to start you off. This type of marker has the slowest rate of firing since one has to manually pump it before every shot. It is very similar to a typical shotgun in the sense that the shooter is required to pump the gun in order to cock the marker and also chamber the next round for every single shot. If using a pump paintball gun against an opponent with the electropneumatic markers or mechanical markers, you will be at a great disadvantage. However, if all of you are using pump paintball guns, then it can be fun to play with.

Pump paintball guns make the players think beyond the typical spraying and opening fire with the hope of hitting someone since the players require more strategy when attacking their opponents. If you are a beginner in paintball games, I recommend that you stay away from the pump paintball guns so that you can reap the full benefits and fun in the games and avoid being at a disadvantage. Mechanically operated markers. These are the most common types of markers used in commercially-operated paintball fields and also in recreational play.

The main reason for this is that they can be easily used and maintained. They can also be used under most weather conditions and still provide a good firing range and rate. These markers are sometimes compared with the "point and shoot cameras since using them is so simple and straightforward that anyone can pick it up and play with it quickly. It can also be described as the "Swiss Army knifer of all paintball guns due to its functionality and ability to be used in different games and conditions.

Apart from the fact that they work perfectly in harsh weather conditions, they possess a semi-automatic setting that enables you to fire a round just by pulling the trigger. However, do not be fooled into thinking that these paintball markers are only good for their functionality and design. They can also be practically used for speedball. However, if the opponents you are playing with have an electropneumatic marker, you will be at a disadvantage when it comes to firing rate. Generally speaking, mechanical markers are very affordable, tough and diverse.

Therefore, they are always a good choice for the ultimate beginner shopping for their first paintball gun. Electropneumatic Markers. By now you must have already figured out that electro pneumatic markers have the fastest firing rates and excellent firing metrics. However, their major downside is that they are a bit complex to use and they are more sensitive as compared to mechanically operated markers.

Because of these reasons, they require more maintenance yet they can still contain the same elements as a mechanical marker. So, what is really different about these markers that make them have better firing rate capabilities? The main difference between electro pneumatic markers and mechanical markers is that the mechanical link present between the trigger and the action has been replaced with an electronic switch. This switch then communicates with a solenoid valve or circuit board making it easier to use by just pulling the trigger.

In fact, most users compare this pulling of the trigger in an electronic marker to clicking the mouse of a computer since it can be quickly done and does not need much force or unnecessary motion to activate. Some electronic markers come with settings that allow you to set your own firing rat. To many gaming hosts, they always set a limit on the firing rate to enable fair play with your opponents. So, why is there such a big variation in the price and what exactly do you get for the price?

To explore this answer better, let us look at a good example. Buying a new paintball gun can be compared to buying a car. Regardless of the car model, they will both get you to your destination. However, the difference in price comes according to the comfort, ease of use and sophistication of the model of the car.

Therefore, paintball guns come in various prices due to the difference in comfort, ease of use, accuracy and firing rate.

Best Paintball Guns and Paintball Gear at Low Prices

Unfortunately, paintball guns do break sometimes. Therefore, it is advisable to check out the repair costs before buying your paintball gun. It is also advisable to invest in a paintball gun whose parts are available in many companies. This can be a cheaper option as compared to buying a paintball gun whose parts are only available from the manufacturer.

It is also noteworthy to mention that some paintball guns require a professional to conduct even the most basic maintenance. Therefore, take the time to go through the manufacturer's specifications to find out more about the maintenance of the paintball gun and if you can do it by yourself. Buying a paintball gun is more than just spotting a gun you like and paying for it. You need to do thorough research to find out what else you will need. For example, if you own a very fast electropneumatic gun, you might not enjoy it to the fullest if you just have a hopper that is gravity-fed.

Find out if your gun will require any upgrades for it to perform at its best. Also, find out if you will need to purchase a compressed air tank. By doing this in advance, you will be able to budget yourself better and also know exactly what you are paying for. Each paintball marker comes with either an offset feed or a centered feed.

A centered feed is also known as vertical feed because its feedneck is located at the top of the marker. When aiming, the player has to site down the side of the barrel and marker. The advantage of this vertical feed is that it has more balance and it is ambidextrous. On the other hand, an offset feed we can also call it a horizontal feed has a feedneck located to the left or right of the body mostly right. It is the most preferred type of feed especially by players who are accustomed to shooting traditional firearms. The amount you spend especially on your first paintball gun fully depends on your preferred playing style.

You should expect the gun to be easily upgradeable, reliable and functional for most paintball activities. Moreover, most of these guns run on CO2. As mentioned earlier, paintball games can be so much fun to engage in. However, if you do not have the right paintball gun, you might be at a disadvantage that could make the game less fun. This is why it is very crucial for you to do extensive research before buying a paintball gun. Your research should involve your local paintball field to help you determine if they even accept privately-owned paintball guns in the first place. Next, you need to enquire about the preferred markers and also the type of gas refills available.

This can steer you towards buying the good paintball gun that you can comfortably use and refill without any hassle. This buying guide has gone the extra mile to compile for you a list of the top 10 paintball guns.

Instead of providing lust a list of names and paintball gun designs, I have gone the extra mile to explore each gun and what it's all about in order to help you make a more informed decision. It is also noteworthy to state that on paper the electronic markers seem to be the perfect choice due to their excellent firing rate.

However, they require more maintenance as compared to the other markers. Therefore, if you are asking for my honest opinion, I would recommend the mechanical markers any day — especially if you are a beginner. I hope that this review had been helpful to you and has been resourceful enough to help you shop for the best paintball gun.

Paintball Guns

In this article, If anything misleading, Misguided, wrong information or anything can be improved, then please don't hesitate to leave any comments in the below. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Best Paintball Gun - Top 3 paintball guns. Instance 1.

Check Latest Price. Tippmann A Top 10 Paintball Guns - Comparison table. Game Level. Perfect for. Buy now. Beginners to Pro. Buy on Amazon. Planet Eclipse Etha 2. Intermediate to Pro. Tippmann Cronus Basic. Empire Mini GS Marker. Tippmann A5. Dye m2 marker. Tippmann 98 custom. Empire Axe Marker. Beginners to intermediate.

Understanding the Paintball Basics:

Top Paintball Guns Reviews Editor's Best Choice. Here it is why I choose this marker: It goes around five hundred dollars on Amazon. Extremely lightweight Hardly sounds High reliability Efficient shooting with e-triggering 12 months warranty. Needs regular maintenance for high performance. Super silent shooting Magnetic trigger return. Very reliable Extremely efficient 12 months warranty.

A little bit hard to clean The trigger is not good enough. Planet Eclipse Etha 2 — The best high end paintball gun. Extremely strong parts Can handle harsh weather High durability Anti-clipping system Minimum maintenance. Little louder than other markers. Very lightweight Higher durability High accuracy and fast shooting experience Easy to carry Reasonable price. Hopper lid is not robust. Sometimes Co2 leakages. Empire Mini GS — One of the best speedball marker.

Little hard to maintain for beginners HPA tank leakage possibility if not maintained properly. Very much affordable Easy to use and maintain Fully customizable Good accuracy Less Co2 usage than other guns. Trigger pin sometimes is not effective much. Little heavier. Dye M2 — The most expensive paintball gun on the market right now. Silent operation Smooth firing Absolutely accurate Beautiful design Great shooting capability.

Some users faced an air leakage problem between frame and grip. Check Amazon Price. Tippmann 98 custom - Best Starter Paintball gun. Easy to clean and maintain. Air efficient. A little bit harder.

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Check price on Amazon. Empire Axe — The best intermediate paintball guns. Some users have an issue with stock barrels non-adjustable. Very lightweight Extreme accuracy Externally adjustable velocity Great sidearm facility Very consistent. Small magazine Some users find the Co2 cap hard to close. Check Price on Amazon. Tippmann TMC — The best mag fed paintball gun. Unique Design Comfortable rubber grip Extremely lightweight. Charging handle is not robust. Often Co2 gas leakages.

Spyder MR6 Black — The best woodsball paintball guns. Very Lightweight Affordable price Easy to handle and maintain Fast shooting. The barrel is not good enough. To some players, velocity is too high. Robust body Fast shooting capability Very much affordable Very reliable. Sometimes magazine releases on the wrong side. Low price Highly reliable Sustainable for a long time Long range shooting Easy to customize. Accuracy is not very good.

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Co2 cartridges are not long lasting. Kingman Training Eraser 11mm - Best pump paintball Gun. Strong body Low weight Superb air efficiency Comparable to the real pistol High ranged shooting ability. Connecting rods are not very reliable. To some users, it does not shoot in the same direction sometimes. We also offer middle tier paintball guns like the Tippmann A5 and lower tier paintball markets like the Tippmann 98 for those who might play times a year but would rather invest in their own gun rather than renting one every time. We offer individual guns as well as Paintball Gun Packages.

This allows us to offer our customers a wide variety of options to ensure you can find the paintball gun or package that is right for you. Like all our other products, these are available from leading brands and at affordable prices. Paintballs come in different sizes and colors.

They are usually soft and break upon impact into a burst of color that marks the uniform. The colors help the team and warring factions to keep track of who shot who and how many times a given player was shot and so forth. It is a fun and creative way to keep score. Feel free to compare the different options we have and choose the best paintballs for you.

As fun as it can be to fire paintballs at each other, without the proper protective gear it can be very dangerous. Some players might try to wear sunglasses or regular glasses as eye protection but we believe anyone playing should have a proper paintball mask on at all times during a game. Much like masks, tactical clothing also may also protect the players from hurt. Make no mistake, paintballs will sting a bit when hitting your skin.

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  • We carry a wide selection of tactical clothing and gear such as gloves, chest protectors, leg protectors, and various other forms of tactical protection. Padded and specially created tactical gear can help protect against and make the sting of getting hit by a paintball decrease. We carry a wide range of protective gear to ensure that you are not only playing Paintball using the best equipment available, but that you are also playing as safely as possible.

    With the simple click of the mouse, you are able to start browsing the available options and start gathering all the protective gear you need. Paintball Hoppers are pretty simple to understand but are an important part of your paintball gear. They are where you load the paintballs and they feed the balls into the gun as you pull the trigger.

    Best Paintball Pistols 12222: The Only Guide you Need to Read

    Hoppers come in a variety of designs to help you meet the goals of both your paintball gun and the game you are playing. Now that you have a basic idea of what paintball equipment is required, you can begin gathering all the gear you need to play. We stock all types of Paintball gear, ranging from paintballs and paintball guns to masks, bags and protective gear. One of our goals is to stock this equipment from the best brands in the industry, including Tippmann, Valken, Eclipse, Empire and Kingman.

    Here is a little more about the products you can expect to find in our store:. Our goal at Paintball Discounters is to not only ensure we carry the best possible Paintball products but to also ensure that we offer them at prices that are as competitive as possible. If you find a lower price anywhere, please let us know about it. Our team takes great pride in being friendly, knowledgeable and available to help you in any way possible. Our team is happy to help you decide what Paintball equipment and gear is best to you.