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To help change that, many brands are offering freebies and deals for voters. Only about four in 10 eligible Americans vote in midterm elections, according to Fortune.

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In the past, stores like 7-Eleven and White Castle have offered incentives to customers who show an "I Voted" sticker. There have been questions in the past whether brands' incentivizing voters is legal.

However, many brands find a way around this by offering the perks to anyone who asks for them, not just to customers who show an "I Voted" sticker. Source: USA Today. Source: Eater.

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Election scholars contend that promotions tied to voting could be seen as offering a reward or benefit to win votes for one candidate or another. Attorneys agree, saying a federal statute prohibits anyone who knowingly or willfully pays or offers to pay, or accepts payment, for registering people to vote or for voting, said Anita Stearns Mayo, special counsel with Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP in San Francisco.

Yet such promotions continue to occur across the country. In just about any city, restaurants and bars are offering discounted food and drink tied to voting.

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Such efforts are carefully nonpartisan — the more people vote, the better for democracy, many say. Likewise, the unit California Tortilla chain, based in Potomac, Md. In New York, the restaurant Left Bank is waiving wine corkage fees for voters. And Black Seed Bagels is offering free cups of Stumptown Coffee with any purchase to guests that present their voter sticker at its four New York locations.

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When asked about it, however, both Left Bank and Black Seed Bagels said they would honor the Election Day deals for anyone who asks for them, and the promotions were simply meant to raise awareness for Election Day. A nonprofit dubbed Pizza to the Polls raises money to have pizzas delivered to polling sites with long lines as an incentive for voters to stay and complete their civic duty. The public at large is invited to identify polling sites in need of sustenance via social media, and the group uses the SliceLife pizza delivery app to identify nearby pizza shops that deliver.

As of Nov. But there is a solution, he suggested — one that Hasen of UC Irvine agrees is legal: Open the discounts and freebies to all on Election Day, not just to those who vote.

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Speake said his restaurant will offer half-price items to all on Nov.