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Cutting your electricity bill is one huge way to decrease costs and increase profits and Alinta Energy could just help you do that. With flexible plans, often tailor-made for your business, incredibly competitive rates, no hidden fees, and fantastic discounts, we do everything we can to help your business go from strength to strength. I'm visiting from outside Australia. Get started now Enter your postcode For example: Please Wait Related pages: Alinta Energy named cheapest electricity supplier in SA Is electricity cheaper at night?

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What electricity company am I with? What electricity meter do I have? You might also be interested in: Cheap gas provider How to save money with a gas water heater Is gas cheaper than electricity for heating? Is gas cheaper than electricity in Australia?

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Back to the top. At times certain brands or products may not be available or offered to you. How to find the cheapest South Australian electricity plan South Australians have numerous energy plans to choose from. Not getting great value from your current energy plan?


You can compare various options from several providers to see if you can get a better deal. Find a tariff that suits your household.

Along with allowing South Australians to monitor their energy usage, smart meters also allow you to save money by using appliances at certain times of the day. Take advantage of provider discounts. A number of energy providers in South Australia offer discounts, meaning you could save money if you pay your bill on time or bundle your electricity and gas plans.

Compare today to see what kind of savings are available. We could help you find a great deal from SA electricity and gas providers. Learn more about energy in South Australia. Comparing electricity plans South Australia energy brands are more competitive than ever when it comes to offering great plans. Comparing natural gas plans Natural gas can help you save money when it comes to cooking and heating. The pros of using a smart meter Energy-conscious Aussies can keep a close eye on their hourly energy usage with smart meters. More information on energy in South Australia.

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How electricity in SA works. Overview of SA electricity and gas distributors. What is the average electricity bill in SA?

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SA electricity charges and tariffs explained. Cost of electricity in SA Numerous factors can affect the cost of electricity in South Australia, including: supply charges , which cover the cost of being connected to the electricity grid. These supply charges remain the same, regardless of how much energy you use, but may vary depending on the plan and provider. Along with paying for their connection, customers also have to pay a rate for each kWh they use. With this in mind, South Australian households with higher energy consumption needs will pay more for electricity.

Similar to supply charges, usage charges vary depending on the energy plan and provider; provider discounts , which could help you save on your energy bills if you pay on time. These discounts are fairly common among Australian energy providers and can be a great incentive to keep up with your payments.

See below. Types of tariffs in SA As a customer in South Australia, the following electricity tariffs may be available to you: single rate. As the name suggests, the single rate tariff charges a flat rate regardless of demand or the time of day. This is generally the most common tariff among South Australian customers; demand.

Demand charges are indicative of peak electricity usage during the day generally a minute block between certain hours 4pm to 9pm in some instances. Metered separately from your main tariff, controlled load tariffs generally offer lower rates dedicated to household appliances that have high energy demands. Which electricity provider has the cheapest electricity rates in SA?

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Provider Plan Annual Cost inc. People who scroll this far are usually interested in these topics. How to save electricity Want to know how to save energy? Read more. Bill Shock: Bigger than expected? Switching energy providers: a comprehensive guide Considering switching to a new energy provider, but not sure about how the whole process works? Does loyalty pay? Ready to find a better deal?

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