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Our cocktails follow the progression of strange and stranger.

A Classic, Reinvented

We love a classic cocktail but boy, do we love the funky stuff too. There's no rules to what is "cool" to drink and definitely no wrong way to drink it. While we are big wine and beer enthusiasts, we are champions of cocktails as the best accompaniment to a meal. We hope you'll agree! Want early access?

Greenwich Village:

From Sunday through Thursday, starting at 5 p. To compliment their mussels deal, happy hour is two-for-one per person on any drink in the house until 8 p. Both mussel bowls are served with a plate of fries. This deal is good all night long, so Tuesday can easily by your new late night date night. Also note that all the food prices you see then attract tax and a tip. That budget should be more than fine.

LIPS - New York's ULTIMATE Drag Queen Show Palace, Restaurant and

We found prices for food in New York were comparatively less than back home in London , so if you could survive happily in London on that budget then you certainly will in New York. Obviously that's assuming you won't be eating at high end establishments and consuming vast amounts of alcohol ;0. When someone from the UK says "working class" they mean the low end of what we would call middle class. You might even do better than that, if you are careful.

Restaurant Week in NYC guide

You can also save by not having three sit-down meals every day. Sometimes we are too tired to enjoy, or stay awake for, a sit-down dinner. So we smuggle sandwiches and drinks into our hotel room, and maybe have the leftovers for breakfast. The ugly truth.

You may come out of this looking like John Lennon's "working class hero," minus the f-word, of course. NYC has loads of very affordable, wonderful food, but it can take some planning.

A Celebrity and His Skillet: Dinner at the Chef’s Table

If you just pick a place with a short waiting time near wherever you happen to be when you get hungry, you might luck out and have a fantastic experience or you might pay way too much for a decidedly mediocre meal especially if you are in an area that draws in lots of tourists. It's worthwhile to have some idea of the food options you will target in various areas you plan to be. I'm not saying that every meal should be planned and reserved, but it's fun a fun part of the whole NYC experience to know the great eating spots with the types of food that "wow" you in the areas you plan to explore.

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It's probably the same in London , but in NYC most restaurants will have their menu with prices posted in front, so you can check if the prices work for you. NYC's iconic meals pizza, bagels, even overstuffed pastrami sandwiches can all comfortably fit into your budget. If you drink, you may wanna research beforehand for good happy hour deals by your hotel and in the areas you'll be visiting.

If you don't want to overspend for mediocre food, do not eat in Times Square. I ate there once when I was a naive teenager. That was the only place in NYC where I ever felt ripped off. Many locations. Added plus of beautiful views. Word to the wise: don't go during peak lunch time - uncomfortably crowded then. Chelsea Market is another great option with the same caution. And they use Boar's Head, a most delicious brand of deli meat.

Or you could get a whole pie from them or another place as take-out. You can choose the self-service section. If you eat one or two meals a day in these kinds of places, you'll have much of your budget left for a pricey third meal.


We tend to eat just twice a day when in NYC - breakfast lasts us until evening. Um, if 3 people go into a restaurant and you order food for 2 you are likely to either be charged a flat fee for the 3rd person or a plate charge for sharing two meals between 2. If that's all you want don;t go to a place that has waitress service - head to a starbucks or similar.