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I love my husband and found extraordinary meaning in helping to serve my country. Along the way, I also found that the costs can be very high. Like many military spouses, I moved. I moved and moved again. These jobs helped support my family while resettling my children and maintaining a home for my husband as he retrained and left again.

Many military spouses deal with additional obstacles like putting the needs of the military above their own career goals. These obstacles can make full-time employment nearly impossible. We want our families to thrive by providing them resources, support and connections to their civilian communities. This kind of financial instability hurts military families.

7 Tips to Save on Vacations through Sam’s Club Travel

We know that dual income military families are able to better participate in their local communities and thrive while they serve. But, unlike their civilian counterparts, most military families face more hardships and uncertainties, because they volunteered to serve. This is why Blue Star Families applauds Walmart for their new initiative to tackle this challenge affecting our military and their families.

Walmart is rolling out their Military Spouse Career Connection. Military spouses move so frequently that delays in hiring can mean they are not able to work at all during a duty station. Blue Star Families is also working to solve the problem of military spouse unemployment. One of our major initiatives in this area is Spouseforce , an interactive platform for career-minded military spouses. It works in some ways like a dating app--both employer and employee can identify a possibly compatible match before making any contact.

When you stand with us, you help us create more opportunities for military families in your neighborhood, across the country and around the world. I'm currently on my tight diet right now, and loose quite of weight because of careful planning of the diet. Finding lots of information online is indeed helpful in my diet program. Seriously, you can find lots of information everywhere on the web here.

I can get insight and information regarding my diet plan and overall health. We have to support our military family they are doing such a big job and they are very important to our country. By Matt Smith. But, getting ready for the festivities is half the fun! To help you save time and enjoy all the activities leading up to Halloween this year, check out these five ways to make last-minute prep easy.

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Watch our cosmetics buying team create a lion, ice queen, skeleton and mermaid with five basic products in under 20 minutes. For even more looks, visit the Halloween Beauty section on Walmart. Adults — This year, a popular trend is themed parties, so dress the part by stepping back in time to a different decade like the 70s or 80s. Pets — The cutest and most disturbing trend this year is dressing pets up as food, like a taco or a hot dog.

Walmart has what you need to be that house. Get to your local store or visit Walmart. For many children, candy is the most exciting thing about Halloween. Costco and Sam's Club stores often feature appearances by local authors, and some high-profile writers include the wholesale clubs on their book tours.

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Costco and Sam's Club members can order checks at prices that often undercut the bank. At both stores this includes personal checks and payroll checks for businesses, plus a handful of other options such as tax forms and envelopes. No discussion of member perks would be complete without mentioning the free samples. The option to try before you buy is all but compulsory, given that most food items at warehouse clubs are available only in bulk sizes. Sampling the goods is also a way to discover new products which, of course, is the store's goal.

If the free samples aren't enough, the food court at Costco is a legendary deal.

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Many members take advantage of a cheap if not low-calorie meal after they shop. Costco and Sam's Club also offer other prepared foods, including take-and-bake pizzas, large sub sandwiches, premade salads, and more. Costco offers an inkjet-refill service to its members. That's about the same price as online retailers like 4inkjets or slightly more.

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But it's definitely less than buying name-brand replacement printer ink, and unlike online vendors you don't have to wait for your shipment to arrive. Both Sam's Club and Costco offer car-buying services to their members, allowing them to browse from most every make and model imaginable.

Prices don't appear to be significantly cheaper than using other online auto-sales sites, but occasionally you can find some deals. Sam's Club members can get similar members-only discounts on Jeeps. Sam's Club members can buy gift cards for popular stores and restaurants at a 20 percent discount off the face value.

Costco members enjoy a similar discount on gift cards and also offers discount certificates and tickets for amusement parks, sporting events, and other attractions. Unlike Costco, Sam's Club lets members order anything online and pick it up at their local store, provided it's in stock. However, both retailers offer local grocery delivery services. Surprisingly, when we tested this service in Austin, Texas, Instacart was the delivery prodiver both Sam's and Costco used. Offer valid now through January 15, Foreign transaction fees: None.

Additional benefits: Extended warranty protection, purchase protection, identity theft resolution services, Mastercard Global Services. That's a sizable chunk of savings. As part of the Mastercard network, the card is also widely accepted abroad.

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But you can't simply deposit the check electronically, because it's made out to the retailer. Other store-branded cards are more rewarding for loyalists. Amazon and Target also have cards that offer higher rates or deeper discounts for die-hards. Some examples:. Moreover, you'll need excellent credit to qualify for this card. Sam's Club Mastercard. Terms apply. Previous categories have included gas stations, wholesale clubs, restaurants and grocery stores.

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