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He then started to give me examples with his own car and that when he had bought it, the warning oil light was on for months. Your business is appreciated. As a result of this, my car engine was damaged and the life span of the engine has been shortened extensively, since it was running at high RPM without oil in it.

I have spent a lot my nerves and many days and hours of my vacation time, over this terrible experience. If you stop going to every place that you had a bad encounter with you will be left going no where in life and that would suck. Who ever made sites like this one really needs to get a life of his or her own. I have been employed with JIFFY LUBE for about five years and have been a manager for about two years and i like my job and we try to give the best service possable but sometimes humans make mistakes please keep that in mind and take a deep breath and hope for the best.

Jiffy lube sizucks!!!!!!!! I thought i used to be too busy to take my toyota tacoma 4x4 into a specialized shop, but after my last expireance I realized i dont have time for jiffy lube technicians. It was a run of them mill trip. Drop off the car, tell them not to bother me with all the things wrong with it, and walk to starbucks next door. This trip had one small variance than the others I was also getting my tires rotated.

Well long story short, im out on my weekend romp through the wilderness and i get out of my truck to manually switch my front tires to 4x4 mode. To my displeasure, i saw that the Tech at jiffy lube had put the cap from the rear tire on the front tire on the passenger side, thereby making it impossible to turn the switch on the hub since it was under the tire cap!!! He didnt get it. I had to baby step him through what 4x4 trucks looked like and how they worked. I couldnt believe it. I am wondering, what training do these people go through. I ask you jiffy lube employees, what do you have to do to get a job there?

I must say i have learned a lot from this thread. Always mark your oil filter and tires, be obvious about it. You might have the inclination to be discreet so you can say AHA! If i had to have an arm amputated, believe you me i would make it known wich arm to amputate with a big magic marker. I feel just the same about my truck. Always take a few minutes to make sure the radiator cap is tight, and so forth walk around your vehicle and make sure things look right, especially if you have a 4x4 and you just got your tires rotated.

As mad as i am, It was expected. Just like I expect the salesperson at walmart not to know anything about a TV exept what it costs. Re-evalute just how busy you are, you will find that with a little forethought and planning you and your car will breath a lot easier if you never have to see the inside of a Jiffy lube waiting room again. Make sure they put the belly pan on the Passat correctly. If they couldn't handle the oil filter, I don't know if you should trust them to put all the screws for the belly pan back in.

Every month or so there is a horror story on the internet of all some mechanic that didn't put a belly pan on right and it rips off. I've been in the same boat as most of you for the past year. Upon leaving the store the car began smoking and would not go over 35mph. It turns out the tech added 5quarts of oil and never removed any old oil. The engine blew after they tried to correct the problem and told me to drive it to burn off the remaining excess in the exhaust, so much oil was put in it was pouring out the exhauset. They told me to have the car towed and get a rental all of which I ended up paying for.

Then they said because the car was older that it was not worth much to begin with, mind you this was a year after jerking me and my laywer arround. MY e-mail is ljisme66 hotmail. Mark Browning please contact me as well. There's good people and there's bad people. Jiffy lube is not exempt from that truism. I'm a jiffy lube employee, and I do feel bad when i read all this crap my company may or may not be responsible for.

But for christ sake, the trouble you gave yourself complaning, you could have changed you oil yourself. We do the dirty work Not all of us are as perfect as you. I thought that was a bit too low since I was driving Our car back to the garage once I got the filter. Well, the person at Advanced Auto looked at the engine of the truck and decided which was the best filter for the truck.

I went to Jiffy lube and they said it was the wrong filter and to go get the right one. I could have screamed at this point. I took it back to Advanced Auto and then took the truck to Nissan where it was in and out again in less than 30 mins.!! A few weeks had gone by and our daughter said that she wanted to ge her oil changed and I thought that possible Jiffy lube would have there act together this time being it was a different car.

What a joke! We took the car there and the same thing happened again. They didn't have the filter!! I talked to the manager of the store and he could have cared less!! They have lost our families business! They suck. They can't even run their business the way they should.

As John Stossle says, " Give me a break! The car is in my driveway and is not driveable. The transmission is hurting and might be damaged now. I will adjust the fluid level and hope for the best. If the tranny needs any kind of work it will be beyond economical repair a total. If that is the case they will have a nasty lawyer at the counter Monday asking questions they don't want to answer.

I have friends I understand that if you go to your hairdresser and he gives you a crew cut instead of a mullet, it can be frustrating. But any person with half of a brain understands that the center caps can easily be taken off and switched around. Any 4x4 made after doesn't have to be manually put in, that's what the transfer case is for. So if it makes you feel better to return to Jiffy Lube and condescend the Technician and make him suffer for something another technician did, it's unfair.

It's like you put pickles on my burger that I didn't ask for, and I went back to Burger King where you work, and bitched at the other Fry Guy. Basically what I'm trying to say is I work at Jiffy Lube as well. I really don't mind if customers come in late, but they're gonna be pricks to us, even after the fact that we are gonna be there after closing because of the fuckin inbreds, fuck them. We also aren't here to fuck up your car. Sure, it's a little up there in the price, but there are plenty of pussy yuppies who wouldn't be caught dead lifting up their dirty hood. If it cost too much, there's probably a Lube center for alot cheaper down the road.

We aren't trying to sell you services, we are just reminding you of what is in your owner's manual, in case you were too fuckin lazy to read it. You think we make commission off of this shit???

Why Buy Tires from Us?

Fuck no, but if we are caught by our managers not recommending this stuff to you, we lose our job. We are only doing our job. Also, bring your fuckin coupon with you, it's a fuckin coupon, we don't care if you been going there, because alot of other people have been going there too. Just to let you know, an oil filter costs about 2 dollars, and a case of regular oil is about 10 bucks, and that equals 12, so for about 12 bucks, you get exercise, a learning experience, and you get your pink collar hands dirty.

Plus, your wife or girlfriend might find you sexy because you changed your own oil! So next time you complain about the price or about the service, realize it can be done by yourself for 12 bucks. Based upon some of the comments here from people admitting they are Jiffy Lube employees I will not take my car there again. Listen bud, just cause I can afford to have you do my dirty work doesnt mean you should think I cant do it or wont know when you did it wrong. I can tear apart a in a weekend and put it back together. But "I" went to college after high school and now I can afford to have someone change my oil so I dont have oil drip out onto my driveway damn Explorers , a trip to the auto parts store to buy the oil and filter.

And if I had a bay to crawl down in or a lift that would help too. So I am so "sorry" we keep you at work where you are earning your pay. Good luck in the real world when you get out from under the hood. I am a former employee of jiffylube. I can tell you first hand that the dishonesty is wide spread. That is the main reason I left. They show fluids to customers which is not proper. They lie about the reason for an engine flush. I have heard an employee tell a customer that they need an engine flush on the first oil change because there is metal shavings in the break in oil. What an absolute lie.

They use scare tactics like if you dont change your transmisson fluid now it will blow up in three days. They lie about checking gear boxes. Sometimes they dont change the oil filter, they just wipe it off. It is a damn shame to see this. Not all the jiffy lubes are like this. I know of several that are honest but they are also chastized for not having large sales.

Hopefully they will not give in and start the dishonest approach. I took my car in for a transmission flush and to change the transmision filter.. It took about 45 min. The manager came out and told me everything was done and ready to go. So I got in the car and drove to the stop light it sounded kinda of funny when II went to take off from the stop sign the transmission was slipping. At first I thought there might be some air in the line Well it continued to get worse..

So when I got home it was about 2 miles from the Jiffy Lube,, I checked the transmissiom fluid it was not even on the stick They did not put enough transmission fluid. Jiffy lube sucks!!! I was running low 11's all day at the track. Jiffy Lube rocks! A smallish car Geo takes about 3. So bare minimum for an oil change is going to run about The time necessary to do it yourself is going to be about 10 minutes to locate your oil drain plug if you've never done it yourself before , the proper wrench to remove it, and the oil to drain out.

Nevermind the fact you may have to jack up one side of your auto to gain access to it. Did you keep a hand or fingers on your drain plug? Or did it slash down into the container you put underneath to catch your oil? You DID put a container there, didn't you? Oooh, too bad! Did you put it directly underneath, forgetting that gravity will force your oil out of your pan in a stream, much like blowing liquid through a straw!

Did you put down old newspapers or rags to catch splashes of oil? Now you've something to do later - clean up your hazardous waste spill! The oil filter is another problem entirely!

Jiffy Lube

Are you able to remove your filter? Is it attached to your engine incredibly tight? Does it feel like it'll take Superman himself to loosen this filter? Welcome to our world! The dealer likes to replace his filters in such a way that only he can remove it! This way he guarantees his future business and livelihood!

And if you own a diesel truck and try to remove your filter - ha! And as you're replacing your oil filter, please remember to wipe a small amount of oil upon the new filter gasket to create a better seal and to make it MUCH easier to remove the next time you change your oil. A dried non-lubed gasket will indeed bond with your engine block, requiring you to purchase a tool known as a band-wrench or filter-pliers in order to remove said filter.

Now you've got to know how much oil to replace into your engine. If you're wise, you'll have researched this fact before beginning your oil change, or at least have a marked catch-container so you'll know how much came out. Did you remember or catch the fact that a certain amount of oil is contained in your used oil filter? How much was that? God forbid you might be burning oil and don't have a full amount drained. Or your engine has leaks and you're not sure how much you've lost vs how much belongs inside!

For that matter, do you know what type of engine oil is required by your automobile? Lucky you! It's written on the add-oil cap on top of the crankcase! That sucks! Probably in your handbook! There it is! No, wait - it says "Please have your oil changed by a professional mechanic. Your oil is out of your engine! What now?!? Okay, having added the required amount of oil into your engine, and having replaced the cap! Did you tighten your oil drain plug down all the way? Was the gasket on the plug? Did you tighten the filter down all the way? Did you make sure the old gasket from the old filter is present upon the old filter?

So it's still stuck to the side of the engine block? Meaning you do NOT have a complete seal between your engine and the filter? Meaning that when you start your car for the first time, oil will proceed to spray in every direction imagineable? So now you've cleaned up what spilled oil you can, and you hope you got most of it off the outside of your engine block where it will smoke nicely when your engine heats up.

And since you've lost some oil that you've added previously, how much do you need to replace?

Did you buy just enough to replace the amount you drained? Or did you purchase an extra quart or two? So how much time have you actually spent changing your oil? Fifteen minutes? Probably not. Granted, after the first few times, it gets easier. So what are you going to use to clean your hands and maybe face?

Don't make me laugh. Now that the oil has had a chance to seep into your pores, soap doesn't work well. More soap? Keep trying. A scrub brush? That helps a little, but who wants raw, reddened hands? Mostly surgeons - are you a surgeon? Why in the HELL are you changing your own oil?!? Get back to the hospital now! Granted the majority of us working at JL are not master mechanics who know the inside and out of your vehicle. How many car manufacturers are there?? How many models do they have??

How many years have they been in operation?? If we did, we'd be GODS. And would we be working at JL as opposed to our own shop? So cut us some slack for being human, and being able to make mistakes. I also work for jiffy lube and for the idiots that like to bitch at us jiffy lube tech's need to calm the fuck down. I can tell from the grammar and spelling of all the said Jiffy Lube employees why they are jiffy lube employees! I worked at a competitor to JL for a year and I will tell you first hand What a rip off.

Jiffy Lube Sucks! It is unfortunate to read all of your bad experiences at Jiffy Lube. I have to agree, there are plenty of idiots working at Jiffy Lube locations around the country. But there are alot of experienced professionals working at Jiffy Lube locations around the country too. I have managed the Busiest Jiffy Lube in Phoenix for over 2 years, and I have never had a major problem. How you might ask, can I service over 50, cars in that period and never damage a car?

Because I retain good employees. My advise to you, go to a Busy JIffy Lube, the more business they get, the more they can afford to pay, and therefore have better help. I can also agree that I have had crappy service and work preformed at many "Specialized" dealerships. The employees there make flat rate, and have to cut corners to make any money.

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Face it people, every type of business has bad locations, does not make them all bad. If you had a problem with one GM dealer, would you be on here posting that GM sucks and no one should ever buy a GM vehicle or get it serviced at a GM dealer? That is just being narrow minded, and that is what all of you are Narrow Minded. I am also a Jiffy Lube employee. I am 17 years old. I first started at jiffy lube as a courtesy tech. Which is the entry level position.

I have now worked my way up to a cashier. I want to be a hood Tech but i am too young. I know because i have personally went through it. There may be some JL's that arent honest vbut where i work we totally are. I have never seen a lie told to a customer let alone something done or not done to a vehicle with out that customer knowing. Some places do make mistakes some may acknowledge the mistakes and some places may not. Jiffy lube which is where i work is completely honest with a customer.

If something is wrong we tell them.. What i am getting at is. Not all jiffy lubes are horror shops. It all depends on the employees. I Pride myself working at jiffy lube. This is absolutely false. And people do make typo's and take shortcuts and abbreviate words to make for less typing. I work to help my mom and support my family. I don't know why you choose to make stereotypes. I personally do not know you, but to put people down just shows me your ignorance. I find that Jiffy Lube charges for at least one extra quart of oil over what the manufacturers say the crankcase capacities call for.

Something has to be done about this. To all Jiffy Lube employee's, Bring your Girl friends or wife's to me and I'll give them a lube job that they will never forget. Jiffy Lubes in California will soon be shut down and company fined millions! EZ Lube also exposed. All victims around the country should contact their local TV stations to expose these theives. They can't function too well in the "spotlight"! This is the funniest thing I've ever seen. You've got the well-to-do complainers vs the blue collar JL tech and manager.

This is rich. I suck, you suck, everybody sucks Jiffy Lube My 5 year old daughter helps me change the oil in my cars. She could probably run her own Jiffy Lube one day, eh? Get a life A couple of facts; 1 Jiffy Lube performs far more oil changes than its nearest competitor and has very high return customer percentages - They must be doing something right. In a car dealership, if you don't sell - you don't eat. Do you expect people to work for free?? If you don't want to take car of the vehicle, just say "NO". When you finally do change the oil, sludge has sometimes built up, and can brake away after an oil change, blocking oil return lines and oil pump pickup tubes.

Result: one blown engine several miles after leaving JL and it's of cource JL's fault.

Jiffy Lube Oil Change Coupons in Rockaway, NJ with Reviews - yxoruxyq.tk

Remember, car manufacturers want you to buy a new car every few years. Any customers of Jiffy Lube interested in adding their name to a Class Action Lawsuit please e-mail your name and e-mail address to calawyer aol. Once we get enough names to get it certified you will be sent notice of the details.

All the people who write these idiotic comments do not know anything about cars but only that they turn a key and it goes. Hence if a person has nothing good to say about jiffy lube then do the obvious and dont go so people as common as you wont have to put up with consumers that are to lazy and dumb to change their own oil. If a consumer would pay attention to what jiffy lube does then they could change their own damn oil.

Human beings work their not robots have some appreciation for the workers that get paid minumum wage to change your oil. Been there done that. JL nationally has about a 1 in complaint ratio, which I guess would put the figure at. I have talked to folks who have had new car salesman tell them don't worry about changing oil every 15, mi. Too many times people have come in for an oil change and after they leave all of a sudden something is wrong with it and It's our fault even though they knew the problem before they came.

There are ALOT of scam artists out there. We value our customers as If they were family. And just like family there are a few BAD apples. For every one customer ther is three satisfied customers. It all boils down to If your not satisfied with Jiffy Lube then your probably someone who hates life and everyone around them. Therefore, I really feel sorry for you. Terry Faber. Some manufactures base their oil capacities without the filter. My Mustang Cobra calls for 6 qts, but why is it always a qt low when I add 6 and it perfect once the 7th qt is added?

Why is a 6. They go off of the disptick AFTER they start the engine being once the filter is added it may effect the oil level. I do know that some JL managers will pressure their greeters to increase the ticket average. Yes many will sell things you don'tneed for your engine or car. Now how many dealerships don't do that? I can tell you they do being I have seen it at both Jiffy lube and the dealership I worked for. I am a very honest person and take the time to educate my customers. I have also told a customer he did not need this service done or that one. I have also informed customers that I rather not perform a service being it could cause more damage like a trans flush over k miles and it's never been flushed.

Just like any other business in corporate America, there are the good and there are the bad. Another thing many people Like Tom is not realizing is that how many dealerships do not have the parts nor the proper tools to fix something they did? All they have to do is walk 25 feet to parts grab a part and replace what was broken. Ta da its all fix and mr. How many Jiffy Lubes have the parts and tools to fix a car onsite? I worked for JL for 3 months, made some decent money in the process.

I walked out on the job after being constantly harassed by a coworker and seeing my managers who pulled practical jokes on me almost every day stand by and watch, grinning. The day after I left, I discovered that one of my managers had gotten fired for stealing, and another quit because he had a feeling that he was next. I agree fully that the place sucks. A lot. It's really just a chain set up to sell Pennzoil-Quaker State products. Knowledge about cars is not a prerequisite for working there; at the time I started, I didn't even know cars had to HAVE their oil changed.

I probably would have stayed if I'd actually been trained, but I had to learn as I went along. Then a new manager got hired, and since he was an anal-retentive SOB, I discovered a TON of new safety procedures and regulations that nobody had bothered to tell me about, and I had to learn the process all over again. We had the customer go to a carwash and we paid for it. The guys downstairs were still trying to get the drain plug off. Eventually they gave up and we called a tow truck, because the car now had 8 quarts of oil in it.

Paid for the tow truck. If you're too lazy to change your own oil, you're too stupid to go to your dealer or find a decent mechanic to do it, then you deserve what you get. I mean sure, we tried to get people to get stuff done to their cars but we never fucked with their shit or didn't change a filter or whatever. One of the managers that subbed for ours said that the people at his store were real scumbags and kept dirty rags and dipsticks with nasty looking fluids on em to scare the customers into buying stuff.

If the car didn't have the amount of miles reccomended on it then we didn't even bother with it.

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  4. If it did though, then we'd get on it honestly and professionally. I was the only kid at the shop 17 so our shop wasn't "run my kids" as alot supposedly are. We had one master mechanic in the shop and another as the manager so if something went amiss they knew how to fix it and how to do it fast. Although assholes coming in 2 minutes before the store closed really pissed us off Steve may have punched some peoples mufflers we still did the job as it was supposed to be done.

    But I guess it's just a miracle we never screwed anyone over Especially on a Saturday. Oh yeah and to a comment made months ago by some know-it-all saying "All trucks after have transfer cases". You mean, SOME did. My dads 87 Bronco II had manual-locking hubs as do some cars made nowadays believe it or not. I might as well add for ranting purposes the most aggravating customers of all: The dipshits who bring in classic cars for an oil change. To all who have been wronged by Jiffy Lube, my condolences go out to you.

    I've been a general manager for the company for three years and have seen many upset customers. The hardest reality I have to accept in this position is that human errors will always exist. I'm the only person ultimately responsible for the performance of my staff and I strive to keep improving the level of customer care and overall quality. The problem with the quick-lube industry is that many of the employees are low paid and undertrained. Unfortunately it is very difficult to locate a talented employee that can move fast and think quick for our average hourly wage.

    I have seven employees that have the talent to perform the service the way we promote it and my store for the most part is a joy to run. The toughest task this gerneration of Jiffy Lube employees has is to overcome all the stereotypes. Our store was built in , the seventh Jiffy Lube in existence. Many of our customers have been coming back since we opened.

    Services Offered at This Location

    I hear stories of how bad it once was and how great it is now. Some folks say that we are the best we've ever been! The bottom line is that we all have sucked at one time or another, it sometimes just feels good to dislike the enemy. What I've learned over the past few years is that humility goes a long way in this world and I have to keep my ego in check every day. Some of my customers are not happy people, but they return every 3, miles. I just keep my mouth shut, listen always, and offer my best to every customer that enters my bays.

    I will agree that Jiffy Lubes upper management places a huge emphansis on their staff. I have seen store Managers, not assistant Managers, but the General Sales and Operations Manager charge a customer for a service he never performed. Like a T-Tech transmission service. Another on is when they are OUT of filters and the car already has a jiffy lube filter on it. Yes this was also done by a Store manager. The other night the car was lifted and what was holding it on the lift??? The damn exhaust. If there are honest Jiffy lube shops I would love to know because I am fed up with them now and moving on to more money and better shops that perform honest work, and not worried by how many cars they have.

    I think so many of you people are too paraniod and think everyone in the world is out to get you and rip you off. I have more respect for the guys in the no name oil shop over these bone heads any day. Not only did they scratch my new paint on both fenders with their greasy and old mats. Those bone heads in there attempt to speed my visit draining the oil with the car on! See your dealer for details. See your local dealer for details. Synthetic oil and filter. Must present this coupon at time of purchase.

    Cannot be combined with other specials. See service advisor for complete details. We want to help you find the perfect car that fits your budget. Please adjust the options below so we can estimate the most accurate monthly payments. Trend Motors Volkswagen Coupons Are you trying to save a little money when it comes to servicing your car in Rockaway?

    This service is recommended with tire replacement but can also be performed alone. YP advertisers receive higher placement in the default ordering of search results and may appear in sponsored listings on the top, side, or bottom of the search results page. I've serviced both my vehicles at this location and find the staff to be courteous and the service involves minimal wait. The service was excellent. The men helped me and really made sure thing were great with my vehicle.

    Jaleel and the other staf…. Great service.