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Simply check if your phone is listed and start unlocking within fraction of minute.

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Valid for all the orders. Once you found that your model is present then you need to initially place an order then upload video to youtube about your unlocked phone and send them link to get reimbursed you paid first. A voucher code is valid for as many devices as you wish.

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An offer is good for select models only. It is not valid for existing customers. You can unlock your phone within minutes at lowest price guaranteed and fastest turnaround time. Why to buy from unlock code from CellUnlocker.

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You can use that at checkout page of online order. Their unlocking price is highly competitive however you can try promo code to save even more. I update this page once in a week with all the latest deals and promotional offers. Once you make the payment, the problem starts. That's it. They are gone now. Not responding to my emails and they don't have a contact number. Stay away from this company as they have no service to provide. You will pay money and get nothing. A slick scam, they will pretend to be providing a service, communicate with you, but they will ask for more money, offer premium services and they will claim the device is stolen and that is why the service could not be provided and cannot be refunded There is never any intention to provide an unlock service.

This company is a SCAM. It's a scam. Website promises to be able to remove Activation Lock. Then they tell you that your phone can't be unlocked as it's on Apple's blacklist. Total rubbish. This is a stock reply to cover that they can't remove activation locks. The only way to get a refund is to send them proof of device purchase. If we had that, we would just be walking in to any Apple store and get them to do it.

Their website looks genuine but don't take any notice of the number of phones they've unlocked - total fiction. Do not confuse this site with cellunlocker. review! 5 stars!

I don't like being tricked. These people are scum.

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CellUnlocker's website indicates that they will remove the Apple activation lock which prevents me from using my Apple watch because the lock is linked to the watch. My used Apple watch is linked to the previous owner because he failed to erased the device and make sure it was no longer linked to his account.

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  7. So as a result there is a software activation lock linked to the watch preventing it from being used. Please please please do not use cellunlocker. They then emailed me and said the phone was reported as lost or stolen.

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    The phone belonged to my uncle and I got the iphone off my auntie after my uncle passed away but she didn't know the icoud info or anything else about it. So this site cellunlocker is a scam please don't use. They only take money and never Unlock any phone. Do not believe videos on YouTube, he's the scammer him self. This does NOT necessarily mean that the iPhone has been reported lost to the carrier - this is something totally different. There will be a premium service coming soon which can unlock this device, we don't have an exact timescale just yet, so you will be informed as soon as it is available via email.

    However as a goodwill gesture you have been given a voucher for the full value of your purchase, under the email address rkmittal gmail. This voucher will not expire but we have given you a voucher against another unlock, see below. For this reason, we now only allow ONE failed iCloud purchase per customer. Please use your voucher against a network unlock, not an iCloud unlock. If you have no other device to sim unlock at the current time, please save your vouchers for premium service for this IMEI, or perhaps friends or a family member can make use of one of our network unlocks?

    Be warned All the cellunlockers and Iphone imei. They pretend it is on the list or stolen blacklist which mine is definitely NOT and have since had it proven. They then try and black mail the customer by refusing to pay back a cent saying they are hire than they and can not deal with stolen good?

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    6. Oh yeah they are happy to steal and steal from al the thousands of mugs that sign into their fraudulent websites which are all connected. They don't read emails and I the end do t answer at all. I shall take this further and report them all to fraud squad and try and recover the mo way from my Visa card. Things started going downhill from there. Despite that i paid the rest of the money to see if they will unlock the watch. Guess what, they send me another message saying that the watch is reported stolen, but its not.

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      They don't have the power to do icloud unlock and thats the reason they are not refunding me. They are big time scammers, this whole back and forth took 3 weeks! Stay away for real,you trickle with the ease of a proffesional thief, you fall into this because you need, and they take advantage of it, stealing from before, the bait, of In first attachment you can see my purchase to unlock icloud In second attachment you can see that after a couple of hours I requested to cancel my order by sending them an email In third attachment you can see their response that I can't get any refund and that they will not go any further with my order until I pay more money.

      Ofcourse, I will not pay anything because I will not get any result from them except that they has stolen my money. They just sent back an email like this in 3 days. There is no hope to get refund. I have no way of actually contacting them. Ask for more money. I have been waiting 2 weeks.