Can you make deals with god

They served a specific purpose, they were proven men. Promising to do, if we first receive It just does not work that way, whether we are discussing God and followers, children and parents, criminals and laws, or employees and employers. To have a bargaining chip, you must first prove your value, your worth, and loyalty. No, do not tempt God. It has always been my understanding that God doesn't make deals. Lol people really do this, it's funny you asked. It's like tit for tat. It's all hilarious to me.

It has gotten to the point where some people actually think they are smarter than "their creator". It's just hilarious! I'm not religious, I'm on the outside lookin in Because we are talking about the Almighty God the word "deal" is inappropriate. Although it is similar to a vow.

Making Deals with God | Learn The Bible

The difference is that a deal always has terms a condition, usually spoken with the word IF. It is like a child who said to his parents "if you give me all what i want, i will be good". While a vow is a promise. What does the bible says about making a vow to God: Lets see in Ecclesiastes 5 vs says:"When you make a promise vow to God don't delay in following through, for God takes no pleasure in fools. Keep all the promises you made to him. It is better to say nothing than to make a vow and do not keep it".

I hope this help your question. Yes, actually do do say things like that but hardly ever mean it. Would you continue to be friends with somebody who only wants to be bothered with you when you give them something? Of course not. It's selfish and if these people think they will get answer from God, they better not hold their breath. It seems he made a deal with us. If we stay stable in our righteousness accoding to the Holy Bible, we get what He promised us.

Yes, I can. But it does not mean, all thing that I ask for to the God can be realized instantly. For further, maybe you can read my hubs which deal with this one. But, basically, if you do homage to your God; you do everything good; you spend your money for the poor or orphanages; try to help others to be good men as well, and so on. And especially in Islam, if you do all what Allah asks you and leave all what Allah bans you; the deal is you will get happiness in your life, in the world and after your death.

Else, you will live in misery even though you get much money more than others and after your death, you will be thrown to the hell. We are not Created Mr Atheist. Its Satan's business The Lord hath Created us In Purpose God Expects Humans, to be His image of the Human Humans are not animals of the Social Kind I can only promise to my God to complete it with my Heart as possible because He make the way to make it possible.

For me, as a believer, I would not consider making a deal with God. God knows our innermost thoughts, desires and needs. As our Heavenly Father, a believer can trust Him to supply all our needs according to His good and perfect will for us. It is up to us to take our petitions to Him in prayer and trust that He will provide accordingly.

This does not mean that we get all that we ask for. There is no Biblical basis to "making a deal" with God. I believe there is a difference in asking for something and having faith that God will take care of it than making a deal with him. Now with you not believing in God, for you to ask this, maybe there is a small part of you that wants to believe, and I hope that is the case.

Not all people worship the same or judge the same. God gives us life and places knowledge for us to either accept or deny. Free will is our lives are lived. We all need direction and understanding. God gives us enough time to choose our paths, make our decisions, then when our time is up we either get our reward or our punishment. I hope you choose the reward. Don't think so.

As a sovereign being, God will do what He wills to do.

What Does The Bible Say About Making Promises To God

Do my prayers have an effect? Absolutely yes. The Bible teaches that God does respond to our prayers. But that is not the same as making a deal.

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People do offer deals with God everyday, from praying for a parking space to asking for the return to health of a dying friend or relative. In reality no. We cannot make a deal with God. Saying "I promise to go to church more if God offers the only deal available, in that to trust in Him will bring comfort and protection.

This doesn't mean you will never be hurt, never grow sick, be wealthy or have every prayer answered. It just means that accepting all good things and bad as gifts of God for your own benefit is a way of coping with day to day tribulations. Anyone can make a deal with God if he wants to, but making it doesn't mean it will work out. People generally make deals with God out of desperation, as you suggest in your question. However, I think there are people who really believe making deals with God is actually their relationship with Him.

I am an atheist too. But I do not shut down the possibility of a God. Especially when everything that surrounds us is so magical: we are a miracle ourselves! But if he really exists, it will be something far away to be contacted, unless another Einstein comes, and shows us a way to shorten the distance by digging into a Black Hole!! Does he accept a deal? I do not deal with children, nor I expect Him to be doing that. We usually see people promising to do this and that if their prayers are heard. These people are businessmen who think they can make a deal with God.

Making a deal with God is possible if God is all powerful and all knowing then if God accepts your deal you will get what you want. This is not love f God, it is a business deal. Who knows God truly? Isn't that what Abraham did when he asked God not to destroy Sodom? Hey, but I ain't no Abraham I wouldn't try it.

I'm not answering from a "religious" viewpoint, but rather a "spiritual" one. As for making deals with "God" The Biblical story of Job portrays him as a powerless, fragile and weak mortal, whose God allows "the devil" to torment and injure him, according to Job ".. Personally, this is hardly a story of mercy and love but provides a suitable example. My point is that, according to this tale, we do have some influence as to whether we receive "blessings" and prosperity. In Job's case, it may not have been requested but the point remains that God actually interacted in this reality to ensure Job became wealthy once again Energy is the currency of the universe so there may be some validity of offering a specific type of energy in exchange for something one needs or requires.

God has amazing ways of telling us of His existence. As far as deals are concerned, they've pretty-much already been made. Although pretty much everything is possible through Him, we feel so reluctant to go to Him I'm one of the Worst! It's far better to know that God was willing to make a deal with us We accept His sacrificial gift, and He covers our imperfections for eternity's sake.

Now that's a deal no one should refuse! Of course Biblical history is full of people who made deals with G-d, even those who argued with G-d and won. Abraham, Noah, Moses I am a Christian and do believe in God, but I also don't believe it is wise to test God and offer to him something you may not be able to deliver. I believe God knows all things and knows what's on our heart before we ask or acknowledge it. At the same time, we should let all humans to approach God the way they like as God knows that we indulge in them like kids and believe me God would be smiling and happy to see them doing so.

Hello TahoeDoc, This is my belief and may not be true to you- God always answers our prayers, and the deal is our Destiny. The key here is to follow our hearts desires, and serve the world for him. When we do this we find that our hearts desires are more than likely the things that we love doing, and we can get paid the big bucks to do it.

Our job is to give something up that terrifies us, then Ask, Believe, and Receive. God is waiting for the many to recognize his presence. It is our duty to look inside of our hearts to see for ourselves. Sometimes we get caught up in what everyone else is saying, not realizing that God lives within us.

If we have questions about God's existence we must ask ourselves, and listen for our hearts response. Wishing you the best. I do not believe in God, so there is no question of making a deal with somebody who does not exist.

Making Deals with God, Superstitions and Karma

As has already been said, I don't believe in god so there is no deal to make. You live and you die, that's it. You say,you don't believe in God ,yet have obliterated all the trash from your mind. Such an impossible feat even devout religious persons aspire to achieve but fail to accomplish it. I think it's possible to make a deal with god. The problem is there's no way to make sure He holds up His end of the bargain. Send as many summonses as you like, He won't appear in court.

God has no problem with you making deals, He is big on making covenants, in fact He invites you to come and reason with Him. He has no need to make a deal He does not need to get out of a jam.

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He is not at fault with us He exist without us but weather or not we believe in His existennce we are totally dependent on Him to live. He will meet anyone just where they are but you will have to come to terms with him. Why should God negotiate? He's God. He has no need to make a deal with us. I believe that instead, he bestows grace and mercy upon us. I think that's the closest that we get to making a deal with God.

Potentially any answer could be true.

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There is no way to prove or disprove the foundation of any statement. Yes for sure, GOD is a deal maker, but not on the level you may think. People who acknowledge GOD as supreme enter into a covenant with him. GOD is true to keep his promises, even though we are not, he forgives and saves and heals and is true to his end of the deal. Test HIM and Seeeeeeeee GOD even gave you the choice of disbelief MajoDwag, right or wrong, black and white, fair or unfair, deal or no deal, false or truth and so on remain with humans and exhaust with humans, God is beyond all that.

So my view is that all gestures to remember Him are valid and true without doubt. So, to find what His will is, we read the Bible which claims to be "God breathed" and ask away. I've kept prayer journals for 31 years and have , specific answers documented as of today. Good question!! There's no point in making a deal with God if you are a believer than subscribes to pre-destination.

If you believe in free will, I would think you can barter with God, just as well as you could barter with the devil. I believe in God but he's never been audible to me. Exit reason - stage right. Enter "faith" - stage left. And some would claim that leads you right back where you started. I have found this, and found it didn't work for me. I can't speak for others, but God seems to want me to rely on Him alone, and not to rely on anything He might give me.

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So, when I make a deal, I don't get what I want. But when I give up completely, and surrender myself to God, everything I ever wanted or imagined - and more joy beyond that - all come my way. I think that is what is meant by, "seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you" Mattthew If one goes by the Old Testament one can find several deals done my ancient prophets with God for the benefit of mankind. Most of these I believe to be imaginary and concocted just to control the unruly masses of those times.

In the New Testament Jesus is said to have don a deal with God to save humanity from sin. The death of Jesus has a soothing and healing effect of the guilty psyche of sinners. To be very straight in my answer I feel yes we can make a deal with God because I am a staunch believer in the existence of God and I also believe that God does not give anything for nothing. The natural laws of physics also prove this. We don't get anything for nothing. All physical laws relating to time, force, energy etc are deals of God whose rules are set by him so that anyone playing with these laws has to pay the price.

I remember that I was at a Christian meeting a few years back and a guy came up and said that he made a deal with God. You will have a son of your own who will inherit what you have.

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