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Skinnygirl comes premixed, alcohol included, so all you have to do is chill it, crack open the screw cap and pour. What's not to like? This pre-made margarita flew out the doors of retailers. Bethenny continued to build the Skinnygirl brand, with a White Cranberry Cosmo at less than calories and Skinnygirl Sangria, with calories per five ounce serving. I understand why the Skinnygirl Margarita is so popular. The calorie savings are enormous. I bought a bottle and poured myself a cocktail, over ice.

The flavor is what you'd expect in a margarita, tart with lime and that kick from tequila. While it is not a complex concoction, it is a fast cocktail. But the thought of Skinnygirl wines drives me crazy.

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Two reasons. One, most five ounce pours of wine have about calories, There's no huge calorie savings here. Wine's calories come from the alcohol and sugar content. Most wines are dry, which means there's no sugar in them. Sometimes wine tastes sweet, but that's usually due to the ripe fruit flavors, which we perceive as sweetness.

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There are also wines that are made to be sweet, like dessert wines and port. These wines are concentrated, with about 50 calories per ounce. But the standard serving of port or sweet wine is much smaller, at two to three ounces, which is about to calories or so. That's equivalent to or less than any dessert you'd eat.

So the Skinnygirl low calorie premise just doesn't work. The second reason is more serious for me, that this is yet another wine brand marketed to women, presumably because we all want a lower calorie beverage and that we want fun, not complex wines.

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  • But I'm a wine drinker, not a "female" wine drinker. Would anyone make a Skinnyboy wine? I don't think so. Bethenny Frankel has a knack for making healthy food taste delicious. Expand Content Minimize Content. That knack, which started out as a hobby and was enhanced with formal training, has elevated her to national prominence as a celebrated natural food chef, the creator of the sought-after Skinnygirl Margarita and Skinnygirl Sangria, and The New York Times best-selling author of Naturally Thin, The Skinnygirl Dish, and A Place of Yes.

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    Ships soonest. Ships Mon, Jul 1. Limit 0 bottles per customer. As the show found loyal fans, so did Frankel's Skinnygirl brand. Shortly after, she appeared on the cover of Forbes magazine. But Frankel said she still didn't feel financially secure yet. Frankel said that getting to a certain level of financial success has given her freedom, but she hasn't accomplished everything she wants to in the business world. She continued: "I look at business for myself — and I guess a little bit reality TV — as when the tables are hot, you press your bets.

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