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Your vehicle will then be valeted to a parking spot. Yes, valet! No need to park your vehicle, and carry your heavy luggage. Rather, we invite you to step inside our 3,sqft all glass modern building, and relax until the next shuttle arrives. Our shuttles run every 15 minutes, and offers free water bottles to all our guests. You MUST make reservations online in order to take advantage of this special parking rate. Address and directions provided on confirmation. Signature is located only 2 miles away from the airport. We provide a secure parking. We are located a few miles away from the Orlando International Airport!

Free Shuttle is provided to all Book2park. Shuttle runs from hotel every hour on the half hour between am and 1am. Reserve shuttle 1 day ahead. Pickup on demand:call for pickup from airport. Parking Instructions: Please enter the lobby and do parking check-in first. Our rates are much cheaper than parking at the Orlando International Airport. Park with us and see the exceptional Comfort Suites way! Give yourself at least 30 minutes extra for check-in and transfer to airport. Those 2 issues in one experience made for a bad one.

Very good service.

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Call office at pm and only waited about 15 min for pick up. Drive was very nice. Will use again. No waiting for the bus. No waiting for my car. Very efficient. Everyone was extremely friendly. Tried to charge me when i had already paid and did not do a detail i had asked for and tried to charge for that as well. The service was much better than before.

From the guy who checks you in to the excellent drivers. Unfortunately the bathrooms leave something to be desired. They lost my car and took an hour find it. They offered no apologue or compensation. I won't be using them again!!! Service was prompt, employees were very professional. Will use them again.

You need more guys at car pick up. The poor guy had 3 cars to retrieve and had to run the length of the lot for each. Best airport parking experience I ever had flying out of Florida in 10 years. Very good experience, I was told to text my claim number when I returned at the airport and my car would be ready. This did not happen, I still had to wait for my car. But other than that a good experience. Van drivers polite and service reasonably prompt. Very crowded on arrival waited more than 20 minutes for ride to airport and at least 15 minutes to have attendant check my car in to park.

On return I texted when I landed my car was not pulled up when I arrived driver of the van had to find an attendant to get my car. Van drivers are courteous and helpful. On arrival and departure had to find an attendant,would like to see an attendant stationed outside the podium to provide service. Fair prices quick access to and from the airport courteous attendance. Omni Airport Parking. Is absolutely the best! Very affordable and all the attendants are friendly and helpful.

The shuttle driver was very prompt picking me up. The facility is clean and easy to find. I would not use any other service! Omni Parking is a clean, well maintained lot. There shuttle service is average, clean vehicle and average 20 minute give or take wait time. The lot employees are very friendly, polite and courteous. The only issue is they seem to have reduced the number of employees parking the cars, which makes it difficult for the workers and a bit of a longer wait for the customers.

The total service was awesome. As soon as we arrived, the shuttle driver asked us which Irvine we were flying and took our bags and within minutes we were on our way to the airport. When we returned we walked out to the designated area and were picked up within a minute. The experience was great! To booked and park is easy no problem most of the time when I return is been great! Teach him a lesson or fired him is the solution. Great prices, super fast and clean shuttles and quick pickups. Use every time we fly. Called four times when we received our luggage. Never talked to a soul.

No answer. Texted our ticket number. When we got there the workers said they never got it. Bid signs stating omni is NOT.

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Responsible for any items inside or out of the vehicle. We will mot be back. Third time parking and every time time car has never been brought up when arrive, I call when I land and still have to wait for car. We prepay on line. The price is great, and always as quoted.

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The car is always out front after we are picked up at the airport, ready to go. I think, this being Florida, you could forget the tie. Company polo's would be nice. What I hope for, every time. Had to wait once about 40 minutes for a ride from the airport, as the busses were full. No waiting when you got back, car out front, here's your keys and thank you. I can't understand why any local would park anywhere else. Thank you. Everything worked like it should.

Van on time departing and arriving and courteous employees. Everything was fine, except had to pay extra when I arrived to drop car off. Other than that, Omni is very good. Everything was great! Drop-off was fast and super easy. The drivers were super friendly and helped with my bags. Then when I returned, I texted Omni when I landed, waited about 10 minutes for the shuttle, and my car was waiting for me when I got back to the car park.

They handed me my keys and I was on my way. Will definitely park with Omni again! Will never return. Sending text with receipt number does nothing. Took over one hour to have car brought "Up front". Three people walking for cars on end of holiday night. No body admitted to be manager.

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Will never be back. Well organized with very friendly and competent staff. Will use you exclusively snd recommend you profusely. I, along with 20 other people waited for one hour and a half for our cars to be brought to us. There were still people waiting when I finally got my car. One surly outdoor counter man and one extremely surly young man getting cars.

Walked as though no one was waiting. When asked repeatedly why this was happening the response was that they were short handed and some employees had been fired. Not our problem. Very poorly run business with a bad attitude. Totally unacceptable. I texted my number in at 6PM and drove off your lot at PM. You need to do some evaluations on your business. Could not reach anyone on return to ask for car to be "pulled forward" for pick up. I did also text. I was told nobody looks at those texts. This parking lot holds 1, vehicles so it is massive.

And I was glad to hear that they had valet parking because I didn't want to have to park too far away. The person that parked my car found a good enough space where the car could be easily retrieved when I got back.

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I guess they know their thing. I am just glad I had someone to do all of that for me. Thanks MCO. They say that the shuttle bus runs every ten to fifteen minutes, but every time I booked at this parking lot and had to wait for the shuttle bus, it would only take three to five minutes and I am talking about whether it is late night or in the broad daylight.

That has been my personal experience and I appreciate it because I am not good at waiting on anyone or anything. Sorry, but that's just me. I do recommend you try this parking lot as I do. Each time you reserve a spot at the MCO Omni parking lot, you are registered in their system. When you check in, your car is registered in your system, which is great because when I called to have my car picked up after returning from my trip, the young lady who answered phone asked me to hold so she could check.

She came back to let me know my car would be waiting as soon as I got off the shuttle bus. Quite convenient and efficient. No one can fake for so long. They keep doing that every time I park there - giving helpful service at every turn. I got help with my luggage from the valet parking person to the shuttle driver. I was impressed with how they did it genuinely. I love it and recommend it to you! Don't think that because this parking lot is so huge, you won't get the best service. It is the opposite. Everyone is so helpful by the way and there are enough numbers of secuirty cameras to cover a wide area.

Where there are no security cameras, I have seen security guards driving around and checking the lot in short periods of time. My car has always been safe on this lot. It is almost unbelievable to pay just 3. Where do you hear such a thing? Well, at MCO Omni parking, it is a reality that you too can enjoy. I suggest you take advantage of it all. We wanted to make a last ditch effort and swing by the Kennedy Space Center Shop before going to the airport for our flight. Thank heavens it was only 1.

Definitely will be using this parking lot again. I am always running late and it was no wonder I was late getting to the parking lot where I was gonna leave my vehicle for two days while I flew to Denver. But, when I got to the check-in gate, Mandy did not feel rushed as I did. She calmly checked me in, told me a shuttle bus was on the way, called to the valet parking guy to take care of my ride and bid me a safe trip.

I couldn't believe it was that easy and I was worried for nothing. From the moment I pulled up with my car to check in to when the valet guy parked my car in the huge lot to when the shuttle bus driver came in minutes to take me to the terminal after helping me with my heavy bags, the experience was incredible. This will be my 'go to' parking lot from now on. On top of the close distance, the shuttle bus got me to the terminal almost faster than the speed of light.

I am just kidding, but it was fast. I had a great trip because of how smooth everything was. I had to change my flight at the last minute and so I had to cancel my parking reservation at the last minute too. MCO parking was really great about canceling everything and not charging me for the service I didn't use. I was so pleased about this cause I didn't know when I would next use the service, but I know I will in the near future.

I am always on the road traveling or up in the skies traveling. Either way, I have to make certain arrangements including a place to leave my car when I have to. I tried out the luxury mercedes benz shuttle. I had never seen something like that before. I used the valet park service, which was so convenient and I parked in the covered area, which made it more secured.

Thanks MCO! From the minute I drove into this parking lot, I could feel the warm welcome. The check-in attendant was jovial and funny. I was still laughing when the valet guy took my cr keys. I also got another dose of humor from the shuttle bus driver. I shared a few of the jokes from the check-in attendant with him and he told me that some of them were his jokes This parking lot was definitely well maintained.

There wasn't a pin or pebble anywhere. They had it spotlesslly clean and I mean every time. It wasn't just a one time thing to impress new customers. That is how the place was kept and I loved that cause I didn't want any debris hitting my car in case of heavy winds one day. I was concerned about leaving my car at this parking lot cause I had some bad damage at other lots in the past. I was very reassured that this parking lot had so many surveillance cameras and so I made sure to park close to one of them so I could be even more reassured.

I didn't come back to see any damage. So that is a plus and I will try to find parking close to the cameras all the time, just for my peace of mind. It is great that I didn't have to wait too long for the shuttle bus. By the time that I checked in using my reservation receipt, found a good parking space I was comfortable with and got my luggage from the car and walked towards the designated shuttle pick up area, the bus had come. I would park at this lot any time.

The online reservation process was easy. I just had to provide my check in date and my check out date and put in my credit or debit card information and then I was done. I love the seamlessness and the convenience of the Internet intead of going to a physical building.

This is a great place to leave your car if you are traveling out of MCO Airport because the rate is low. I found out from experience too that the staff is great with providing assistance with anything, even if you run into basic mechanical problems such as a flat tire or starter. My car battery was dead when I came to the parking lot and the valet parking agent brought his car around and gave me a jump start. I was able to get home safely and bought a new battery the next day. Because I had to consider long term parking, I had to find a cheap rate.

I love the OMNI parking lot and will park again. We had five hours to spare so we drove 0. We had drinks and ate, had good conversation and then headed over to the parking lot, which was only 2 minutes away. We checked in with the attendant, had the car parked by the valet and then took the shuttle bus easily to the terminal. It was smooth sailing. Would park there the next time. My young children wanted one last round at Disney Magical Express, which was oly 1. It was nice that it was so close to the airport and parking lot cause we didn't want to miss checking in to the parking lot or airport.

We did make it. Thank heavens! Waited over 1 he to be picked up. No one answered the phone. I had to flag down a passing bus. I waited at the airport to be picked up for 90 minutes. This is terrible and I will never use this service again. I will recommend no one ever uses this service. For me, this parking lot just had some god damn good workers.

Everyone reached out to help you. Even the older gentleman that drove the shuttle bus was anxious to help everyone to get their luggage off. Of course, he got help from a few younger men on the shuttle. But, I could see that everyone appreciated his effort. I know I did. The covered parking area was the reason why I reserved a spot at this parking lot.

I loved my ride and didn't want anything to happen to it while I was away. Then I also learned about the video surveillance cameras and the additional information had me sold on this. I booked my reservations immediately. The Omni parking lot is on my list of quality lots. Money is usually short in my house and so we are always on a budget. When mom died and we had to decide who would go, I had to volunteer since she was my mom and since only person could go. This worked out great for my family and I. I also found out about the value added services too, which I was able to use on January 13 when I was going to Washington D.

From the moment I checked into the lot to the time I returned and had to call for a shuttle bus, the experience has been nothing, but amazing! Some people think about saving money with a parking lot. Moreoever, I have had nothing but good experience from the check-in agents, shuttle bus driver and valet parker. I will always choose OMNI for my parking needs.

When you just bought your car, you want to park it somewhere that is safe. I had a new brand Corolla and had car payments on it so I wasn't gonna put it somewhere that the security is not up to par. This parking lot had tons of parking space, security cameras and a coveraged parking space. I was elated and felt good about parking here all the time. I thought I was being duped so I said let me check them out. Lucky for me, this was no dupe. It was real and so I booked the reservation and showed up on September 1st looking stupid cause I still thought someone was gonna come out and tell me it was a mistake.

It still wasn't. I went on my trip and came back with no one hounding me for more money I have worked at a parking lot before so I know a good one when I see one. This parking lot not only had the best location to the airport, but it also had the lowest daily rate and the best customer service experience. I was totally impressed with all three, but more so the level of commitment to the customer like Nancy who tried to help me get on a shuttle bus so I could get home after arriving on a late flight.

The management at MCO Omni parking hired a lot of great staff members and I personally think that is what makes this place so awesome. I have only met the good staff members, I guess and so I have no complaints, only good things to say. Yes, the customer service is of the highest quality.

Everyone is willing to help at every turn. Graves, the shuttle driver helped me to load my luggage on the shuttle and unloaded it when I got to the terminal. And that is only one example of good customer service. I might be wrong, but it seemed like there were more security cameras in this area or so I thought. I know it made me feel more secure leaving it in this particular area.

When I came back to get my car, it was just like I left it. I drive a big truck and not every parking lot wants to see such a big work truck on their lot, but I got away with that one at the MCO Omni parking lot. I was able to park there fore roughly three days until I got back from California. Thanks guys. This was my first time using Omni and I was very impressed. I worked inside the airport and even though, I am a staff at the airport and can get free parking, I prefer to park my car where I know someone is watching it for me while I am at work. I wouldn't change anything about this parking lot because everything is perfect.

The check-in process, the reservaions online, the valet parking service and the shuttle service all work together to make the MCO Omni parking lot the best choice in the city of Orlando, if you are traveling from that airport. Frank, the shuttle service guy was driving like he was on some highway.

I learned later that one of the ladies onboard was late for her flight. I wish he had told me.

I had to be holding on for dear life. I guess, if it were me being late for my flight, I woulda want him to do the same. So it's all good. The service is still amazing. I had to do a double take cause it seemed unreal, but it wasn't. I went home and got online and saw the same thing.


So I booked the reservation. Do you know how long I been looking for such a cheap rate? Glad I found it quite by accident. Close airport location was what I was looking to find before securing a space in a parking lot for my vehicle. I was glad to find MCO Omni since it was just two miles from the airport itself. I felt like I could be in and out of the parking lot and on the shuttle to the airport in no time and that is exactly what happened every time I used the lot.

I loved the convenience of parking at MCO Omni. They had 24 hour access to the lot. They had tons of parking spaces. They offered all day shuttle service. That is what I call convenience at its best. I will always be parking here to enjoy all the things that combine to make this one of the most convenient lots around. His take on this is that if they can offer such a low rate, how do they pay their workers and their operating costs.

I really don't know and don't care. Everyone wants a bargain and that is all I am satisfied with. Its not my problem to find out anything else. That is what I told my son and that is what I am telling you! This is actually the cheapest parking lot I had ever found. I found not one and so I continue to park at MCO Omni because of the rate and the service I receive for such low rate is still high quality.

Let me be the first to recommend this parking lot. I came in at 4AM from an overnight flight. I was tired as you might have guessed and just wanted to get home. The shuttle bus arrived about ten minutes after waiting, which was OK and a decent time. Other people were waiting too and not complaining. But, I didn't have to wait to drive home since my car was at the corner waiting for me. The valet guy had it ready and waiting. I wasn't gonna do a review, but I wanted to tell you how Sam helped me with my car. Sam used to be a mechanic and he figured the problem out within 10 minutes of opening up the bonnet.

I was on my way home soon after that. Thank you Sam. There were a number of parking spaces open when I got there and my friend Sally told me that everytime she went to MCO Omni parking lot, it was always full. I couldn't believe that when she told seeing that they have over 1, spaces altogether. I am not saying Sally is lying, but my experience was different.

Check it out for yourself. I have twin girls who were 8 years old at the time. We were going to visit their grandma. They were not all too happy about parking a car and going on a shuttle bus because they have a problem with the wait. No that I would allow my kids to dictate what I do, but I was hoping to prove them wrong and that we would get through with such ease and that is exactly what happened. Everyone was great! We were traveling with elderly parents and small children. Everyone was helpful to us, loading and unloading all the luggage and helping our elderly parents up in the shuttle.

I have never seen so much care before in the past; at least not at another parking lot. If you provide your reservation confirmation number in a text message and ask for your car to be ready for you when you get there, it is exactly what you will get.

Love the service and so I am sticking with them. I recommend MCO Omni parking. When something is good, it is also good to talk about it. I am very impressed and will stay a dedicated customer for life, if you keep doing this. If you want to avoid any late penalities, it is important to try to return at least two hours before your return time. When I called the office and explained what happened to us, the manager refunded me my money. Joyce was the attendant who checked me in at the gate.

She made it quick and almost effortless. As soon as I checked in, the shuttle was waiting for me. It had just made a run and came back. I guess I got lucky too, but I was glad for the seamless transition from checking in to hopping on the shuttle to get to my terminal. My return to Florida was during the night and I did not want to wait too long to get my car. So I called before I landed to ask for my car to be ready.

The person that parked my car when I checked in the day before was there with the engine running. I just got in the front seat and drove home. It was that easy. I would recommend this parking lot cause the staff made me feel at ease and worked hard to make me feel good about leaving my car in their lot by letting me know how many security cameras they had and how many security worked on each shift.

I also felt good about the number of parking spaces available. I had sent them a text message before arriving that I wanted them to bring out my ride and this time, someone was paying attention. My car was there waiting as soon as I got out of the shuttle. I was happy about that. Initially, I was afraid that I would get stuck at the airport and not be able to collect my vehicle, but the MCO Omi has 24 hour access and also a number to call for shuttle service, which I did.

The shuttle was already on its way when I called and I never felt stuck at the airport. You won't either. The luxury mercedes benz was a surprise to me when I stood waiting for shuttle pick up to go to the airport. I didn't even pay attention until it stopped at my feet and the driver asked me if I wanted a lift to the airport. I am smiling as I write this because I seriously thought someone was pulling one of those TV prank jokes on me. It was real as shit, I found out afterwards.

At MCO Omni parking lot, those employees are above average. They are professional, know how to answer questions and will go to lengths to make sure that customer satisfaction is the focus. I have experienced all of that and so I know what I am talking about. MCO has my support and loyalty every time. I called before I got to the parking lot to ask someone to prepare my car for me so that when the shuttle bus dropped me off, I would just jump in my car and go. Apparently, they didn't do that and I had to wait a few more minutes for my car, but I am glad I didn't have to wait too long.

This little mix up won't stop me from parking there again. I had to cancel my reservations with MCO Omni because my plans had changed, but I was told they were not able to find my online reservations. I had to speak to the manager who went out of his way to help me so I could get my money back. After ten minutes, the manager told me that it was not in the name I had given the rep who answered the phone.

OK, I agree. It was my fault. I got my refund and I am happy to say I will be booking another reservation when we figure out which date we will be going. I left and returned on the booked days and I always pay full amount in advance. It had been a long day and I just wanted to go home, so I just paid. I was pleased about that because I don't like to search for parking or wait for long until a space is freed up. Thanks MCO Omni. I plan to park here on my next trip. Get it today from the store. No voucher,discount code or voucher code needed to get this amazing product. Order today. Obtain every chance to save your money at Signature Airport Parking.

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