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Ss C-ase Pack pcs. MinimumOrder: 1 piece.. Packaged Kit. A sensational new fireworks kit! Uomes complete with mortar and shells. Minimum Order: 1 krt All shipments F. Columbiana, Ohio. For U. You can purchase these at a bank, post office,. When your order cannot be shipped via U. Generally, delivery times are faster east of tne Mississppi than west. Remember to order early.

All truck charges are paid ulcin delivery. Merchandise paid for by personal check is not shipped until check clears. No phone orders are accepted from these areas. See shipping charges informatio; to determine your shipping costs. We will ship within 72 hours. Please note that as an added convenience, we will install several additional toll free lines during our peak season-May, June and July. However, if you can't get through, please call our regular corporate office number , and you. P treatment to make ordering quick and easy.

Have your order number ready. Leave your name, number and problem. Your call will be promptly returned. Be sure you ask for your service representative by name so that we can better serve you. Make your claim to the shipping company. We will, however, assist you in making this claim should you have a problem with lhe shipping company. Confiscated packages are uncollectable, and while this is a very rare occurence, the customer is responsible.

We make the most extensive effort to make sure this rarely happens. Note; the following states require that you have a speCial permit: California, Texas, Connecticut, Georgia and Minnesdta. Any questions about information found above, call i ext. We will prepay your freight. Combine your order with friends' orders and save. See delivery information for details. Blue Angel is offering our good customers the opportunity to save even more on their future orders. Only holders of this card will be entitled to special discounts on their future orders.

Preferred Customer Card information is included on the tear off flap on the envelope in the center of the catalog. Just fill it out and return it with your order.

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As a Preferred Customer Card holdel you are entitled to an additional bonus item depending on the amount of your order before shipping. This bonus can be used in addition to our regular catalog bonus offers! Packed in a convenient canniste[ each flare burns bright red for 15 minutes. They add an element of beauty to celebrations, too! Light your favorite Blue Angel fireworks safely and easily with these handy Safety Punks.

They're longburning and also act as an insect repellant. Safety Punks Case Pack:6 dozen Case Pack. Ine experts sav this is 1. Minimum Order: j dozen. Both L and L missrles can be fr9ald a mile away. Minimum Order: 1 box At 1, feet it whisiles and bursts. Powerful motor launches this giant missile to a splendid exolosion.

Minimum Order:6 missiles Blue Angel's exclusive brandl. Minimum Order 1 dozdn. OO L with Report. Soars ihousands of feet.

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Flower patterns in the sky. Minimum Order: 1 dozen Case Pack. Flashing pearl lights chase the stars. After this rocket reaches a high altitude a parachute floats down. This combination of colors will amaze you. A favorite for those who know about rockets. Case Pack dozen. An 8-oz.

Minimum Order: 1 dozen Case Pack: 36 dozen. High quatity, excellent performance. So big powder for hiqh altitude! Box of 4. Minimum Order: 1 box.. Uomes packed in an assortment pack and are a must for the true showman. New unusually shaped jumbo rockets that are enginedred to giv'e a. Flies high, whistles loud and then explodes. Minimum Order: 1 gross. William Tell would have loved to shoot apples with this hioh soeed rocket.

You'll reorder. Case Pack: rockets. Scientifically made so that you hear an unusual echoing sound going up and comrng oown. Launches to lightening and thunder sounds then explodes to showers of glitter trickling to the ground. Minimum Order: 1 assortment.

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Rocket mysteriously hovers pnor to exproorng. Minimum Order: dozen. Just introduced bv the Westlake Factory! The giant sizd lift and cotor exptoston are awesome. Spins off the ground. Minimum Order: 1 dozen.. Spins ofi the ground, increasing speed, until it explodes with a loud report, Minimum Order: 1 dozen. Helicopter style, spinning take-off leaving a white shower of sparks. A mini version of the sunflower, Minimum Order: 1 dozen. Minimum Order: 1 dozen With a large propeller this item goes high into the air and explodes. A high altitude propeller.

Our most popular plane. Has 3 stagesl High-powered. Propels itself up in the air changing to two colors and gives report. Wrth plastic wings, large and rmpressive! Shoots firecrackers as it flies. Minimum Order; 1 box. This amazinq aerial bomb takes off full throttle into space. At feet it explodes wrth a thunderous bano, Minimum Order: 1 piece..

Flies high and then drops a parachutel o Io a oox. Minimum Order: 1 box. Many planes take off one after another into the heavens. Tall 'n high, expensive, but worth ttl. Unbelievable, long lasting colors. Unbelievable slze, shape and lasting colorsl 2 to. Glittel red lights, gold 'n silver comets. Box of 4 Minimum Order. MinimumOtdet: 1 box Side windows show extra olitter.

Box of. Case Pack; 20 boxes. Long lastlng. Tazmanian Devils. Three-color effect! A favorite spinner item! Jumps up and down with circles of flash. Spins into a larger lotus flower. Begins like a fountain, then many ground spinners jump out. MinimumOrder:1 Case Pack Spinner glows as bright as the sun! Spinning ball changes colors then spins off. Spinning ball changes colors and bobs as it ascends. Cone-shaped spinners now available from China. Will be a family favorite. Watch it float down with a smoke ball attached.

Two parachutes with flares. Minimum Qrder: 1 dozen. Shoots two parachutes high in the sky and they float down with a barraoe of firecrackers!. High in the sky a giant violet oarachute floats down with a 3-color changing flare. Parachutes floating down with 7 different color flares attached. Two giant parachutes are shot out of a tube!. Minimum Qrder: 1 box.

Looks like a grenade. Box of M type with 3 colors. Box ot Small pot shape, heavy smoke. A long tube loaded with smoke. Looks like firecrackers but onlv smokes! Looks like a cigar; smokes like a chimney! Long lasting. From the Buckeye State. Minimum Order:'1 dozen. Flashes like a strobe lightl.

Changes to 3 colors as it rotates. Changes color three times. Minimum Qrder: 1 piece. Case Pack: pieces. Brings the moon and stars to your own back yard. Three powerful drives changing color three times. Extra loud whistle with 3 drive power units changing colors! Largest and most powerful. Case Pack:9 dozen Case Pack: 12 dozen. Color effect second to none. Combines whistling squeal with a Loads of powder for beautiful colors.

Minimum Order 1 piece. Case Pack: 72 oieces. An American Favorite! Burglar alarms. Minimum Order: 12 boxes. A New Year's favorite. Fun for occasions! Box of 6 dozen.

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Case Pack Light match and bang! Put in cigarette, watch it explode. Minimum Order: 1 dozen cans. Attaches to spark plug then whistles, smokes and bangs when the engine starts. Scare your friends. Best selling box. Minimum Order: 1 pack. Blue, green, red. Minimum Order: 1 pack.. Long burning. Case Pack boxes. Special effects.

Pyrotechnicians consider it the best sparkler made! Minimum Order: 1 gross.. Light its tail and watch it lay beautiful colored eggs, 2 dozen per box. Minimum Order:. Spins and opens into Chinese pagoda. Green frogs hop and bang all over the yard. Box of 5.

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Cute bear inches up a pole. Box of 6. Animal shapes sprn as they change colors! Minimum Order: 1 box,.. Speeds through water emitting sparks. Apple pre, hot dogs and our baseball cap to too off vour fireworks order 1 size fits all,. Everybody will ask where you got it! Comes in brilliant blue satin. Sizes: S M. XL Minimum Order. Available in blue. To qualify, you must have our catalog with the order already filled out. You must also have a valid driver's licence. We regret that we cannot honor this offer during our peak. Please call and let us know you are coming.

As an added bonus, we have made arrangements wilh a local motel and restaurant. You are permitted to order these items through our catalog. Ohio law does, however, prohibit the mail order delivery of our other fireworks to its residents. However, if you are planning to enjoy the July 4th holiday or any other event with. Please call our toll free number for details on Ohio regulations. Our showroom is accessible right off the freeway no city driving. For directions when you reach Ohio, call us toll tree at: There's plenty of shopping and fine dining here and you'll enjoy the museums, too.

Cleveland is just a one hour drive through Amish country to our showroom. Also, Sea World of Ohio is in nearby Aurora. Cedar Point is a t hour drive from Cleveland. Pittsburgh is only 50 miles from our showroom. Guaranteed to add color and flash to any holiday festivities. Includes: 6 pcs. Purple Bullet Roman Candle, 4 pcs.

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Ms, 1 pc. Thunderation, 2 pcs. Spring Thunder, 2 pcs. Cuckoo Fountain, 4 boxes Fun Snaps, 72 pcs. West Lake Rockets, 24 pcs. Whistling Bottle Rockets, pcs. That's why Blue Angel Fireworks is presenting another Holiday Bonus as a tribute to you, our best customers! The bigger your purchase the more you'll get FREE! Remember to order early for an additional bonus. Keep in mind this is your last chance to take advantage of our pricing and merchandise. Due to the fantastic discounts and bonus merchandise available in the Holiday Bonus, we cannot honor our regular catalogue bonuses for the duration of this sale.

Blue Angel Fireworks Otfer Expires December 29, Enclose separately. Large Roman Candles, 6 pcs. Minimum Order: 1 strip Lontarn F 2OO Minimum Qrder: 1 strip. Another legal version of M-BO. Case Pack: 20 boxes maxrmum load to produce the loudest noise available B0 packs of 16 in a bundle. Case Pack bcxes.

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Legal versron of a cannon ball. Case Pack: 20 broxes,.. Legal version of hand grenade. New and exclusive at Blue Angell. Case Pack: 4 bundles 1; Case Pack: 24 bundles F. Minimum Order: 1 bundle F a bundle. Half Brick. F Minimum Order: 2 stnps. Case Pack: 8 bundles 10 strips in Case Pack: I bundles F. Minimum Qrder: 1 bundlc. Most popular size. OF 40 Small and loud.

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