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Buyer beware! I made a large order online and was advised that the package has been delivered.

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When I got home the package was nowhere to be found. They told me they made a ticket and I'll be contacted within days Terrible treatment in the store in Fredericton, NB Canada. Had to wait for my daughter to have access to the change room. I stood patiently for about 20 minutes during which time the store Manager stopped by and looked at me and another customer and walked away. After this the other customer told me there is another change room in the store which I was unaware of since I do not shop in the baby section.

Finally my daughter got changed. She could not help me out and I asked her when I could charge my phone up on her computer and she said no and then I asked her for an electrical outlet where I could charge my phone and she directed me to one. Next the Store Manager stopped by to see what I was doing and I told her I had to wait for 20 minutes for a change room when there was one available and she did not have the common sense to tell me about the other change room.

Next she grabbed the clothes I had in my hands and marched off to the cash register stating 'I have to get you out of here'. She said, "I am the Manager and only I can only authorize coupon" and I indicated, "The cashier should be able to ask you to authorize it! The order was processed, I received an email with tracking details. I received an email stating that my order was delivered on my mailbox, but there was nothing from Children's Place.

I never got the package. I checked the address, the address is correct, but no items in sight. Still hasn't shown up. I contacted their customer service and they said there is nothing they can do, since tracking shows the order was delivered, they cannot refund you at this time. I placed a smaller order a day after my first big order and I did receive that one.

As I was leaving the Country USA for next 5 yrs, I called and made all the required payments and told them to close my credit card in the first week of June And so to my ignorance my The Children's Place credit card was not closed. As I had just got my place credit card in April, I still didn't have my physical card yet.

I left the country on June 9th This last conversation happened on March 12th. They tell me I will receive the notification and it will take at least 10 days to close the bank account and for me to get the confirmation And so I believed them.

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This is the first time ever I have confronted such issue which is spoiling my credit score. Their bank which handles the retail chain's finances sucks. It is just a trap. I still didn't received that order. I called the CS to ask them what is going on with my package as I was already charged under my credit card for it.

I also said that the tracking number is not changing and in the system shows "in transit to UPS" for 8 days now. I called yesteday because the order status is still not changing and I did not received my order but my credit card was charged. The order is lost, so I called back because my credit card was charged and the rep said she cannot refunded my account. Only she can give me points towards my account to cover the lost. Plus the points have expiration date that if I won't use them they expire So please be careful and track your packages if you are ordering with Children's Place If the order is in transit for more than 5 days it is probably lost.

I have been a Children's Place customer and cardholder for less than a year. I like the clothing they offer because the graphic tees are fun and cute and usually a pretty good deal when sales and rewards are combined. That being said, I have placed multiple online orders going back to December and each one of them has been cancelled a few hours to a day after I placed the order!

I had my first 2 orders with them go through when I first got the card, but every order since has been cancelled without explanation! I have enough money on the card, all of my billing and shipping info is correct, and still my orders are cancelled! As a separate, but related issue, given my feudal attempts at ordering online I needed the clothing I purchased online for my children who are growing out of their current sizes of clothing.

Since I wasn't able to order the clothes online, I took the time to go into a brick and mortar store. I went at the beginning of January, , and when I went to make my purchase at the store, again, I had more than enough money to pay for my purchase on my Children's Place Credit Card. When I went to pay for my items, my card was declined repeatedly!

Finally, the associate called customer service for Children's Place and put me on the phone with the representative. The representative couldn't tell me the reason for the discrepancy, just that that was all I could spend a that moment or my card would be declined! I was floored! I wanted to void my transaction and leave the store, but my child needed the clothing, so I used all of the credit I was allowed and paid the rest with another form of payment I made my order and paid with my rewards bucks, used my coupon, and paid the balance with my Children's Place card.

I received an email within five minutes confirming my order and it stated I would be emailed when my order was being shipped. An hour later I received an email that my order had been cancelled, for no reason!!! Not only that, but I checked my account and my available balance was short the amount I paid for the order and my rewards bucks were still gone! The latest order was placed on February 3rd, and I still, as of February 08th, , have not had my rewards bucks returned to my account.

And, I just received an email asking, "Am I using my Children's Place card to its full potential," and that I have money on my card to spend.

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But I just, at this moment tried to place an order online, again, and my card was decline for insufficient funds! I am done with your games, Children's Place!!! This is ridiculous! I will pay off my card, close my account, and not shop at your stores again! I will also warn others to do the same! I received my package yesterday. Got all the items I ordered, package was addressed to me but the receipt was not mine. It was another customer completely different state with all her personal info one including her address.

This means someone has my correct receipt, along with my personal address and info on it. Also, took me three times one I was hung up in because I asked to speak to someone in the United States. I am not ok with this. How many times can this happen? Or has happened and parents, family members personal address is sent to someone else? When I told the supervisor in the United States that I was personally going to send this person their receipt and explain what happened, she said, "Oh we can let them know Very unprofessional. I am not happy about this. The order was processed, I received an email with tracking details, three days ago received an email stating that my order was delivered on my mailbox, but there was nothing in the mailbox from Children's Place.

I contacted their customer service representative and they said there is nothing they can do, since tracking shows the order was delivered, they cannot refund you at this time. Do not waste your time or money on this company. I ordered an outfit for my granddaughter last month for her birthday. I was told it would take 5 business days to arrive. Ten business days after placing the order, it still wasn't delivered, and I got no updates from them on the delivery so I called. The order also wasn't showing up in my account online.

I called three times to fix this, but it remains unfixed. Then, I got an email saying one of the items could not be fulfilled, so only a partial order was going out. They said it would take 10 days. But there was nothing in the mailbox from Children's Place. Now, a week later, it still hasn't shown up, and the Children's Place said there is nothing they can do. They offered to give me 'Points' in my account for less than the amount of the purchase and delivery charges.

This was a customer deliver fail from the moment. Do not buy from them, unless you don't mind having them take your money for nothing in return. The order was processed, I received an email with tracking details, and today received an email stating that my order was delivered. I checked the mailbox thinking maybe they were placed there for some odd reason, Nope!

Upset I searched the website for a customer service number, no contact number. Listed only a email! I have emailed customer service, but now reading the reviews I do not believe I will physically receive the items. This is truly disappointing and unfortunate that so many others have experienced the same thing. Highly upset and looking forward to somehow getting my money back for the lost items. Or at least speaking with a live person customer service regarding my order. The website had some glitch and put my order in twice.

I called right away and asked them to to fix it and they stated that once an order has been placed, it cannot be cancelled The lady told me I can drive to my nearest store and return them I can not because the reason why I order online is because my nearest store is 4 hours away. She offered to send message to the distribution center to alert them to not fill the second order. The next day I got email that both orders had been fulfilled and were on the way. They again wanted me to drive the 4 hour trip to return them, which I again refused.

Their second attempt was they told me that if I don't want to drive them then I can pay my own postage and send them back Yes she told me I have to pay my own postage! Ummmm nope I shouldn't have to pay to return stuff I didn't order!! I told her to send me a prepaid postage label and she said they won't cover the cost of returns. I asked to speak to her supervisor at that time. Supervisor finally agreed to email me a prepaid postage and she admitted they are trained to try to make the customers pay the postage and only supervisors are allowed to offer the postage paid labels.

I am not going to be shopping with this company again. There are Many online retailers out there and from now on I will be choosing a different retailer. Order never reached me!

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I contacted them and they said, "Oh tracking says delivered" and "We not help you. Help me. They violate consumer right, I asked them call UPS and start investigation. They refuse so they are scammers! We are very sorry. However, since tracking shows the order was delivered, we cannot refund you at this time.

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  4. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and suggest disputing the charges with your financial institution. If we can be of further assistance, please contact Customer Service at , or visit www. Children's Place has lost me as a customer after 13 years. I've heard of return deadlines where you can only get store credit afterward but one in which the company could easily resell the products with tags, never worn but won't, on a technicality, is draconian and unacceptable.

    I've heard of no-store-credit after 60 or 90 days - but 45? It's probably why a chain like this will probably be the next one to go belly-up, losing good customers on mindless corporate policies, applied inhumanely. They could do better. I don't complain often but this was unacceptable. I had bought my daughter a onesie. The zipper was messed up on it.

    Went to refunded it and had receipt. Cortney said it had to have tag on it to return but she would return this time but it was defective. If I had known I would of kept tag that something was going to be wrong with it. She said she need tag to resell. I told her it was defective. She never responded. Not very nice. Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations.

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    To see why, sign up below! Be in the know Get trending consumer news and recalls. Thanks Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! Sort: Recent. Most helpful. Filter by: Any. Page 1 Reviews 1 - Original review: June 18, I placed my order on June 5th. This is a free loyalty program that offers tons of benefits, including:. Some of the features of this app include:. Here at PC World, coupons are added almost daily for the retailer, special offers and even exclusive offers can be found just through the website.

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