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The main focus was to give affordable prices and maintain high levels of support and service. The company was co-founded by Mike Lavrik and John Quaglieri who were tech-savvy students in high school. They were very ambitious and they wanted to build a dream since they had the same vision of leading formation of a partnership that was solid and this is how InterServer began. After all those years, this company has grown into a great industry provider. One of the things that set the company apart is the fact that the two founders are still very active in the operations of InterServer so as to make sure that all the operational aspects are smooth.

Their commitment to ensure that customers are getting the best service throughout is what makes them remain significant within the industry. This is something you will notice in all InterServer reviews. This is something that truly sets them apart within the industry. They have a data center with their own servers that are developed on a fiber network which is built in custom Linux kernels. The main commitment of the company is to treat businesses as if they are their very own and always seek ways of diversifying offerings.

All decisions are made with the customer interests at heart. Network engineers are also certified from different vendors like Nortel Network, Juniper Networks, Cisco and others. Many customers are satisfied with the company when it comes to hosting all sorts of websites. This is with regard to email accounts , space and price. You will notice that this is a company that actually surpasses all others in these avenues. The customer care reps are also one of the most patient, friendly and responsive that you can find anywhere. We asked a few tech specific questions and all the answers were pretty accurate and on point, so from personal testing — the support is 10 out of This company has come from a very humble state.

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InterServer is an affordable host with lots of options in terms of growth and scalability. This is a platform that was built by the co-founders themselves. The provisioning are integrated to the InterServer company and so you can be able to place orders for quick servers, software licenses, dedicated servers, VPS, domain names, and web hosting.

This can be done from the very same location. Even when dealing with so many servers, all cable, server, device and switch is actually monitored and inventoried on the InterServer platform. The company has been proven to provide a budget friendly service in its areas of specialization. According to the multiple InterServer reviews you can check all over the net, the company does incredibly well. Shared hosting plan is an option which is totally budget friendly and comes with discounts for all the longer term contracts.

You can look out for more details and specifications. The plans actually range from a disk space of between GB as well as a bandwidth of GB every month. This includes client management via Web Hosting Manager as well as no set up fees. InterServer offers a wide variety if cloud hosting and VPS so as to provide scalability and flexibility that clients look for. The two come with a wide variety of options and this is based on transfer caps, storage, memory, and the CPU cores needs. If you need you very own sever, it is possible at interserver. There are other options that are within the range of dollars a month and these come with all sorts of options for configuration so as to make it possible for one to customize all needs.

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There are lots of great things at InterServer hosting services. There are lots of advantages that you can leap from choosing them as your service provider and they include:. The unlimited hosting : even though the company offers features that are unlimited in the shared hosting arenas, the unlimited hosting comes with different limits. This is something that will always apply. The users are bound by terms and rules of server usage. However, the company makes it very clear in what the limits are and they are providing within the TOS. It is very doable but if this is the route that you choose to go, then you should consider allocating some more additional time for the set up process or you should hire somebody with the proper knowledge to set it up for you.

It has been around for almost two decades now. It is very affordable and it has great options too for growth and scalability. Copy the promo code and go to PipingRock.

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    Take just a few seconds to check out their websites, and get subscribed to their newsletter. Overall, Piping Rock is a fantastic manufacturer of a wide range of health supplements, and their prices are going to be tough to beat. Grab the coupon from above and save on their already pretty good prices.

    Their servers are located in New York and Miami and offer Every new account comes with full 30 days money back guarantee and free website transfer if you are switching hosting providers. For an added peace of mind they offer daily and weekly backups so your site and your data is safe and secure. Copy the code and go to MyImprov. A comedy club peeps are making classes for defensive driving, traffic school and teen Ed courses?

    Yep, and they do it in an amazing, fun and easy to understand way! I do not understand why NameSilo launched Black Friday promotions like this, hope everyone decoded help! This year NameSilo changed tactics. Instead of promoting. COM or. Net domain name, as usual, this provider offers great incentives for. IO and. Someone just asked me when does the. NET domain promotion appear? There is an answer here, go to NameSilo right now. COM and. NET are the two most commonly used domain extensions on the Internet.

    COM has always been. Recently, NameSilo regularly launched promotions, this month too, discounted for both. NET domains. The price of. NameSilo launches monthly promotion exclusively for. ORG domain, so please register quickly. The new. This is the cheapest in the.

    Welcoming the New Year , NameSilo launches promotion for three popular types of domain names. NET and. ORG Currently, customers can register unlimited number of. A week before Black Friday, vendors are constantly updating more incentives to prepare for major events. Next to Namecheap, Porkbun, today NameSilo also has new announcements. Accordingly, the discount program for the domain name. INFO and. PRO from the previous.