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Log in. Facebook Twitter. This is because the precursor to the modern Karambit knife emerged in Southeast Asia during the 11th century. In the beginning, it was simply used as an effective farming and hunting tool and also as a utility blade. The thriving trade industry of Indonesia led to its quick spread throughout the region. The fact that it has an ergonomic design only adds to its immense appeal.

One of the reasons these Karambit knives have been in existence for so long is because of the fact that they have an extremely optimized design. The handle will always be designed with stability and a secure grip in mind. This curved blade will be perfect for tearing, ripping, or slicing.

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The handle will also be very durable, usually made of wood but it also could be made of bone or stone. Versatility is definitely the middle name of the Karambit knife. Simply put, this knife can be used for literally everything. In ancient times, this knife was actually used to perfect different chores.

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It also has been utilized as a pocket knife in a number of Filipino and Indonesian regions. For thousands of years, these Karambit knives have been highly regarded because they are easy to conceal, they are precise, and they have a lot of stability.

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Many have found this knife to be a worthwhile tool for cutting rope and tough vines because of the curved blade. Finally, we come to the many uses it might have in the military. Because it has an arcing blade, it offers the user that functionality much better than on a regular straight-edge knives. One of the main draws of a Karambit knife would be the fact that it allows the user maximum efficiency with minimum effort.

Also, precision is definitely the name of the game here as well. The angular blade allows the user to have much more precision then the regular straight edge of an ordinary knife. Of course, the military prize this knife for its handy self-defense applications. The user of this knife can attack and counter all in one solid, fluid motion. Because this knife is more circular then a regular knife, the user can easily change directions with Incredible ease.

Moreover, this knife allows you to attack simultaneously from different areas. The fact that this Karambit knife has a curved blade only makes it even better for the user, there is less stress on their wrist. This is why practically every veteran from the Civil War to the Iraq wars has found this knife to be a highly prized item in thei arsenal. The Ultimate Knife offers a great training package and tremendous discounts for all current military, law enforcement, or emergency first-responders that might be able to make good use of this Karambit knife. The training package consists of a knife, training piece used for practice, and a thorough trading training DVD showing you how to use the knife.

The training DVD offers you an immense amount of tips in order to be inappropriate owner of this knife.

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If you have never owned one of these Karambit knives before, then you will need to realize that it is literally unlike any other knife on the planet. This is why the training DVD is an important part of owning this knife. It can teach you proper handling, proper maintenance, and how to best utilize the knife for whatever endeavor you are trying to accomplish. In any discipline, knowledge is power. The same is no different when it comes to Karambit knives. Here is more on what the training DVD can teach you:. After you understand this is different from any other knife, the next thing you need to understand is how to handle it properly.

The training DVD will go over such things as grip, motion, and the best strategy for delivering as effective a cut as possible. They will also delineate a number of different training exercises that you can utilize.

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The training DVD will also go over the various scenarios where a high-quality knife of this caliber would be sorely needed. First of all, this Karambit knife can find a whole host of uses for a paramedic.