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Digital Foundry's best Cyber Monday 4K TV deals: OLED TVs, HDR TVs and more •

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Best 4K 55 Inch Smart TV To Buy On Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2018 - TV Deals Buying Guide

Father's Day is coming up on Sunday, June 16, which means dad jokes, dad shoes, and dad bods aplenty. So while you're dusting off the BBQ or hitting the. Women's Team Play Against Last Friday kicked off see what I did there? When it comes to coding, Gen Z is proving itself a force to be reckoned with. The XF is Sony's third-tier television, offering excellent features and performance at a mid-range price point - which has been solidly reduced as of Cyber Monday itself. As we've seen on other Sony TVs, motion handling is a strong point with rapid pixel response times and black frame insertion.

Contrast is also excellent, with a good local dimming implementation that raises contrast to around We've checked around and this is the cheapest price available for the inch version of Samsung's excellent NU telly. Either way, you're getting a top-notch 4K TV that doesn't cost the earth. The XF is Sony's third-tier television, offering excellent features and performance at a mid-range price point.

The Best Cyber Monday 2018 TV Deals To Watch

All in all, a great TV for an insanely great price! The Q6F is great for gaming thanks to its extremely low input lag, excellent contrast and high peak brightness. Variable refresh rates are also supported, i. All in all, a great gaming TV for a very attractive reduced price. For gaming, the UK is a strong choice at its price point, thanks to very low input lag in game mode, which was measured at less than 12ms at both p and 4K, both in HDR and SDR content.

The screen is edge-lit rather than direct-lit, but still should provide enough brightness to make HDR worthwhile. Cheap 4K HDR TVs tend to sell out fast whenever they're reduced, but if you can get them in time, you'll be rewarded with a sharp-looking TV that may lack a few features compared to mid-range and high-end options but still gets the job done.

The Roku TV interface is clean and fast, the contrast is excellent and motion handling is also quite good. The only downside to this VA panel is that viewing angles aren't great, so it's best to have your furniture set up directly in front of the TV instead of off to the side. Still, this is a pretty minor limitation and the R remains an awesome 4K TV for gamers. If the bleeding-edge P-Series Quantum is a little out of your price range, this is a strong budget alternative. Looking for more than just TVs? See all of our Cyber Monday tech deals , including PC hardware and peripherals.

Not sure what TV to pick? Take a look at our recently updated recommendations for the best 4K TVs for gaming.

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Choosing a good TV can be difficult - there's quite a bit of jargon and loads of different models to pick from, including models that are made just for Cyber Monday sales! Here's what you need to know to pick the perfect TV for Cyber Monday. Master resolution. Resolution refers to the number of pixels on a given screen given in width and height.

The higher the resolution at a given size, the sharper and cleaner the TV can look, but the more it will cost.

The Best Cyber Monday TV Deals From Best Buy, Amazon, and Other Stores

You'll also need 4K media to watch your new TV at its best - e. Know your screen types. Both provide excellent image quality, albeit at a high price. IPS and VA screens are cheaper options that can suffer from narrower viewing angles, worse contrast and poorer colour reproduction - but the savings can certainly make these drawbacks worth it! TN screens are most commonly seen in gaming monitors, as they offer extremely low response times to ensure fast-moving scenes are reproduced cleanly.

Here are the best Cyber Monday 2018 TV deals.

Understand HDR. HDR refers to several standards for 'high dynamic range', which means both a high amount of contrast between the lightest and darkest pars of an image and a wider colour gamut.

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Learn about refresh rates. Many gaming monitors and some TVs can refresh higher than the usual 60Hz, meaning that their screen updates anywhere from to times per second. This reduces input lag significantly, making games feel more fluid and responsive. This is great for fast-paced games like shooters or battle royales. While some modern TVs can operate at Hz at p resolution, this is only really helpful if you're connecting your television to a gaming PC - almost all console games don't support such high refresh rates.