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DIY Love Coupon Book - Valentine's Day Gift Idea - JK Arts 857

Some ideas might be; breakfast in bed, homemade cookies, a foot or back massage, etc. Bonnie Lecat.

Free love coupons template download below

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Like we mentioned before, this love coupon book is almost too easy to make! You just need a few items. Making your own customized love coupon book is simple. First, pick out which love coupons you want to use. There are 6 different bright colors and you can print and make as many as you want!

Free Printable Love Coupons

Then, use a hole punch to add two holes on the left-hand side. Just make sure that each of the holes are in the same location. Finally, simply attach some twine and tie it off however you like! Which of the 24 different coupons options will YOUR sweetie drool over? Finally, the best part of any love coupon book is that you can add small items to go along with individual coupons. More than just a coupon for a movie, add the gift card to the local theatre OR the actual tickets to the show they have been excited to see!

Your boyfriend or spouse will LOVE it! And something like this never gets old. They are going to LOVE this! I am so excited for my hubby to flip through all these love coupons and see what surprises await him!

FREE Printable Love Coupons For Kids For Valentine’s Day

Grab your coupons below and create the perfect love coupon gift! Out of time? Grab a pre-made book here! I met my Prince Charming when I was 15 years old and 12 years later we created our own happily ever after. After you click on that image, a window should open up with the PDF file for you to print. No worries, Carolyn.

What You Need For Your Love Coupons

I hope you enjoy them. These are absolutely perfect. I have always thought to do these but never did. Thank you.

Love Coupons: Ideas For Him And Her

Unfortunately, I am unable to provide them blank. Gifts that are handmade and given from the heart to use and enjoy are the best. Perfect for valentines day. Very fun and creative way to spice up a marriage. My best gift from hubby was a tablet he got me in December as a birthday gift.

I had been talking about starting a blog and potentially buying one and he was listening clearly and surprised me with it. It meant so much to me because it shows once again how supportive he is. That is such a thoughtful gift and a gift that you will definitely treasure for years to come, Tinashe. These are a simple but cute way to spread love. Thank you for sharing these with us. My favorite is the coupon for controlling the TV remote for the day. What a creative, inexpensive gift!

Your husband finding his leftover coupons and wanting to use them is too funny! I like how you have coupon options for husbands in this post and also for children in another post. Happy Valentines Week!!! Showing love to all our loved ones in a special way is so important, Kristin. Join the 21 Flavors of Splendor Community! Showing Love Finding new ways to show your husband how much you love him is so important. Love Coupons Are The Perfect Gift These love coupons are the perfect way to show some love to that very special man in your life.

Word of advice …. Comments These are so cute! Awesome, Iola, and I hope you have a blessed week as well. Thanks, Kristen! Where to print please help.

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I absolutely love this idea! Your coupons turned out so super cute. Awesome, Ro! What a cute idea! Thanks for the printable!