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Unlike other comparable models, the SingleNest stuff sack comes with compression straps that shrink the hammock to nearly softball size 4 inches by 5 inches. When set up, the stuff sack serves another purpose, too, hanging attached to the middle of the hammock and acting as a great pouch to store snacks, your phone, or other small gear. Putting something with a little weight in the stuff sack even allows you to fold the sack over the hammock for cocoon-style protection from the sun or bugs.

The SingleNest also proved to be exceedingly durable during testing. The nylon material performed especially well on our water tests, beading water and not soaking through, even under the spray from a hose. The SingleNest is triple-stitched at the seams for reinforcement, making it feel more sturdy—and yet, unlike some of the other stitched models, the seams were not very noticeable or abrasive on the skin.

One thing to remember is that you will need to buy suspension straps separately for this hammock this was the case with all the hammocks we tested. To attach the hammock to suspension straps, the ENO SingleNest offers small aluminum wire gate carabiners at the end of a short nautical-grade cord to make for easy and secure setup options.

Compared with the open-ended S-hook attachments on some of the other models we tested, these carabiners snap completely shut and hook firmly on the hanging straps, giving you an extra layer of security when swinging in your hammock.

And when compared with the stainless steel carabiners of some other models, the SingleNest aluminum carabiners promoted smoother action, meaning they were less prone to getting jammed. The icing on the cake: The SingleNest comes in 26 color schemes, leaving its competitors in the dust as far as available options and giving you many color combinations by which to express your personality. Overall, the SingleNest is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive lightweight nylon hammock we tested, but the way it handles the core details of comfort, safety, durability, and style makes it our top pick.

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You should also keep in mind that the SingleNest is really made with a single user in mind. We found that sometimes we wanted to pile an extra person in—and while it can support the weight, it just isn't designed for a long two-person hang. Weighing 1 pound and unfolding to 10 feet by 5 feet, the Trek Light Single is a nylon hammock without any stitching or seams. This makes for a super comfortable hammock that can also support up to pounds. Instead of wire gate carabiners to attach to the tree straps, the Trek Light hammock uses S-hooks.

At first, we were skeptical of the S-shaped hooks. The Trek Light hammock performed well across all durability testing, and it beaded water well. The Sea to Summit Ultralight Hammock is lightweight and strong, weighing just 5.

12 Best Camping Hammocks for Beginners (Budget to Premium)

It unfolds to 8. That being said, we managed to easily fit two people facing one another in the hammock, exceeding its recommended pound weight limit by at least 50 pounds. While the wind whipped right through the meshlike fabric, making it a bit more questionable for colder temperatures, it excels on warm days when breathability is key. In addition, this hammock handled our water tests seamlessly, drying out faster than all the other models.

This was also the only hammock with an integrated stuff sack found attached to one end of the hammock, rather than at the midline. This design makes the setup even easier and allows you to attach the hammock to one tree and then pull it out of the sack and directly over to its second attachment without letting it touch the ground at all. For this hammock, you must also buy specific Sea to Summit Suspension Straps , sold separately. They use a series of buckles to connect the straps to the hammock. These straps are made using millimeter non-stretch webbing with reflective thread for visibility at night—and rather than a series of attachment points along the suspension straps, this Sea to Summit setup allows you to tighten and loosen the straps for precise distance adjustments.

With both the suspension straps and tree protectors, you can get about 14 feet of length in total on each side of the hammock, giving you some serious hang options. It measures 9 feet, 6 inches by 4 feet, 6 inches, but it has a pound weight limit. On the plus side, polyester is super water resistant which meant that even after leaving this hammock outside for three weeks in Portland, Oregon, it showed little evidence of being weather worn. With S-hook attachments and a relatively thin-feeling material, this budget option definitely feels less strong than our top pick and less durable than our runner-up—but for its weight and price tag, the Ultralight Starter Hammock from Grand Trunk is a nice place from which to launch a new hammock obsession.

While you can certainly fashion your own hammock hanging straps out of spare rope or cord for a fraction of the price, hanging your hammock with nicer suspension straps is a safer and more durable option. During my hammock testing, I also took a look at some of the most popular hammock straps on the market. I tested each set of straps with all of the different hammocks I had, working to understand how much weight they could support and how durable they felt. There are several designs of hammock straps on the market: daisy chain—style suspension straps, and thinner cord-style straps with knots tied every few inches.

With this many loops, you can make micro-adjustments to the hanging height of the hammock, leading to the most comfortable hanging position possible. Both of these strap systems make it ridiculously easy to slip a knot around a tree and attach a carabiner to the different loops to adjust the hanging height.

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As far as length goes, most hammock users should be fine with a standard-size foot strap set. But if you plan to hang your hammock between large trees or wider distances, check out the HangTight XL —it gives you 28 feet in total strap length. We used similar long-distance models from both ENO and Grand Trunk, and while we liked them both, their higher price tag seemed unjustifiable. Be wary, though, as all of these extra pieces can add up in weight and can actually make your hammock system heavier than a comparable ground setup.

Good hammocks should be easy to set up and take down. After one or two trial runs, you should be able to go from a fully packed hammock and strap set to a fully ready lounger in less than two minutes, no problem. The hardest part of the setup process is finding two trees or fixtures that are both the proper distance apart from one another and can also support your weight in the hammock.

To start out, find two suspension points that are 10 to 20 feet apart and that are thick enough to support the weight of you in your hammock. Be sure to use tree-protector straps that are wide enough so as to not dig into the bark—otherwise, the straps can cause permanent damage to the tree. Just plug in your weight and the distance between your attachment points and the guide will calculate how high to set your suspension points. Inevitably, your hammock will be exposed to the elements while in use.

To wash your hammock, simply remove the carabiners or attachment hooks, add a small amount of detergent to a washing machine, and wash your hammock by itself using cool water on a delicate wash cycle. This feels less stable and also means extended setup times. Plus, the materials on this hammock felt more abrasive on the skin compared with the silkier feelings of our winners. Rallt Single Hammock : This hammock initially led the pack on comfort and affordability, but it tanked during our water and spillage-based tests.

Instead of repelling and beading away even the slightest amount of water, this model absorbed the liquids and stayed soaked for longer than any other models. Kammok Wallaby : Weighing just 10 ounces, this is a solid lightweight option—but at only 8 feet and change in length, it left something to be desired in allowing tall people to fully stretch out. ENO SingleNest Hammock The best camping hammock for most people Available in 26 colors, this breathable, quick-drying nylon hammock is small enough to take anywhere but durable enough to last for years.

Buying Options Buy from Amazon. Also great. Sea to Summit Ultralight For ultralight enthusiasts The Sea to Summit hammock packs down to the size of a soda can and weighs only 5. Budget pick. Grand Trunk Ultralight For hikers on a budget At an affordable price, this durable, ultralight option makes a great starter hammock. Everything we recommend Our pick. From Hive to Nest, from Hue to Netatmo, here are the best smart home devices money can buy in Keep your home and the people you love safe with these smartphone-ready sensors. Who's calling? And which smart video doorbell deserves a place by your front door?

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England and Wales company registration number T3 Smarter Living. Sign up to our newsletter Newsletter. Bohemian Hammock Slightly rough around the edges but still charming, this hammock is perfect for the beach and the garden. Specifications Best for: Lounging. Fixture: Mounting ropes. Material: Cotton. Max capacity: Single. Reasons to avoid - Loose weave could snag. TripWorthy Hiking Hammock Made from super strong nylon and built to withstand the elements, this is the perfect choice for adventurers.

Specifications Best for: Adventuring. Fixture: Hanging straps and ropes. Material: Nylon. Max capacity: Two people. Reasons to avoid - Bright orange, not the most aesthetically pleasing. Vivere Double Hammock with Stand Bright, vibrant, and with a stand in tow, this hammock with stand is perfect for lazy afternoons. Specifications Best for: A garden snooze. Fixture: Stand.

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Material: Cotton and steel.