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Sometime later many were forced to leave by exclusionary United States policies, the flourishing Chinatown in San Francisco rapidly became the largest Chinese community, outside of Asia.

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City planners designated some 1, acres on the Pacific side of the peninsula for the Golden Gate Park in The San Andreas Fault slipped over ten feet, which unleashed a huge earthquake in that was later estimated to be 7. The tremors triggered fires that raged for four days and broke water mains. Some , people were homeless, 25, buildings were destroyed, and 3, people were killed.

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The city was rapidly rebuilt and in , with an improved city center and hosted the lavish Panama International Exposition. In the Pacific theater during WW II, San Francisco was the primary point of embarkation, and the area became a hub for major arms production.

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Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese residents in the community were forced far inland into internment camps. African Americans soon filled their abandoned neighborhoods, who had arrived to work in the war industries from the South. San Francisco also played a primary in the transition to the Cold War from WW II to the Cold War, and in, , hosted conference at which the United Nations Charter was drafted and continuing to attract workers to develop technologies for the nuclear age.


San Francisco continues to be a hub for cultural bohemianism. Something earlier it had attracted writers that included Jack London. The center of the gay rights movement in San Francisco was in the Castro District. Another massive earthquake struck the community in , which killed 67 people, collapsed freeways, and damaged buildings. In , a boom that was the result of Internet technology started, which attracted entrepreneurs to the community, and raised resentment, respectable, and rents, in some of the tougher neighborhoods.

There are some great photo ops in this area.

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You can get dropped off at Union Square, though, for an afternoon of big-city shopping. If you want a break from the crowd, the Lands End Trail is a fairly easy 3-mile hike along the coastline of San Francisco.

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This is a family-friendly hike with scenic views, and there are spots picnic along the way. Here are some of the best things to see and do in San Francisco on a budget. Enjoy a picnic in Golden Gate Park The park is made up of 1, acres of land with trails, picnic areas, lakes, museums, and monuments, as well as charming features like a carousel and the Japanese Tea Garden.

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This ride is the most suitable for families since it's located at the very beginning of the bike path, so it involves riding on a car-free bike path all the way from our shop to the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Third location at Ferry Building in downtown San Francisco! Visit us there to start your bike ride along the Golden Gate Promenade - we are located just to the left of the main entrance!