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Motherboard deals 9. PC case deals Power supply deals. If you've been waiting for the prices on graphics cards and computer memory to drop, your wishes have been finally granted thanks to a Cyber Monday miracle. Cyber Monday has already brought on a resurgence of an incredible discounts on PC components that include some of the very first deals on Nvidia's latest Turing RTX graphics cards as well as discounts on memory, which saw a serious uptick in price throughout the year.

Whether you've been waiting for a big sale to build your first PC or simply upgrade a few computer parts, we're sure you'll find something you want today. Cyber Monday as always has delivered an an overwhelming number of sales, but we'll be here with you every step of the way to make sense of the figurative ocean of component deals you'll see on Cyber Monday today. View Deal. This high-end graphics card, that actually beats the Nvidia GTX , is also so new that we weren't even expecting to see it go for a sale so soon.

Sure it doesn't feature any newfangled ray tracing cores, but this card is 4K gaming ready. You'll be able to power through all your games at p for more than half off. You can expect games to run at a more than playable 30fps, if not an even higher frame rate, with p high-quality visual settings.

It also comes with MSI's afterburner, giving you full control of overclocking, so you can get the most from it.

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With it, you should be able to play any esports game such as Dota 2, Counter Strike: GO and Overwatch with ease and silky smooth frame rates. Be sure to grab this deal while it's still here. That might not seem like much of a discount, but this processor is practically brand new. Seriously, steep price drop like this doesn't come around very often, so don't miss out.

This 64GB drive is the perfect pocket flash drive you can use for anything from streaming a show, running a virtual OS or just freeing up space on your laptop.

Kingston DT50 Unboxing and Speed Test - 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Back in stock! It was already cheap to begin with, but thanks a Cyber Monday discount you can basically buy it with some spare money. It's aspect ratio and 1, x 1, resolution gives you a few more lines of vertical resolution to work with and the monitor comes color calibrated out of the factory. We'll you've found it. AOC 24B1H It's the cheapest monitor we've seen on Cyber Monday yet.

USB Flash Drive Cyber Monday 2018 & Black Friday Deals

The Mecha-Membrane keys combine membrane rubber domes and mechanical switches to deliver a soft, tactile experience. Despite requiring batteries, you can expect these peripherals to last multiple years on a single charge. HyperX claims this set of cans will last for up to 30 hours and we can confirm that. We can also tell you that this gaming headset is incredibly comfortable and it delivers head pounding gaming audio. So, basically every gaming device ever — not bad for 40 bucks.

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Throw in compatibility with the PC, and you're set. Half off while supplies last. Apple iMac Don't miss out on this one because, this deal will expire on November 21st.

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USB flash drives require no external power source, they come in a wide-range of capacities, are relatively durable in design and can safely and securely store data. The choices of drives have grown significantly in the past few years as technology has allowed for larger capacity drives and security options like password protection.

The choice of USB flash drive is determined by what the user will be putting on the drive, the size of the files, where the drive will be used, and how it will be transported. A couple of them include: Capacity: The available capacity of a USB flash drive is one of the key factors that relate directly to the cost of the drive. Therefore, it is important to know what type of data the user will be putting on the drive and how much capacity is needed to store this data.

Those users that need to transfer pictures, movie files and music from one computer to another will want to get something a little larger that can hold all those vacation pictures and videos that are taking up all that space on their digital camera and laptop. The buyer should keep in mind though that once a drive gets larger than 32GB the performance and lifespan of the drive begins to degrade a little. This, however, is becoming less of an issue with newer drives.

Don't miss a single chance to save. Here are more USB Flash Drives discounts.

Security: Many USB flash drives come with some degree of component-level encryption security, pre-installed, to protect sensitive files. This can include password protection and even fingerprint recognition technology. If the user will be loading files onto a USB flash drive that is of a sensitive nature, such as business contracts, personal and professional financial documents, student and professional presentations, dissertations, or pictures of their family, it is highly advisable that they buy drives with at least password security.

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Due to their size, it is very easy to misplace a USB drive. If the files are not at least minimally protected, they could be accessed by anyone who happens to find the drive. When it comes to USB flash drives there are several types, styles, and capacities to choose from. While most can get by with a small capacity 4GB - 32GB and never have any issues, others will find that what they need is a larger capacity drive with the ability to protect sensitive files.

When buying a new USB flash drive, the user should be sure to first determine what it will be used for. If it is to be used to transfer personal or business financial records, business proposal presentations, or personal photographs, it is a good idea to use a drive that has password protection. Transfer speeds should also be considered. USB flash drives of 3.