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Avoid making your first contact with a brand a request for free product.

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7 Things You Must Do When Accepting Freebies As a Blogger

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1. It takes time

I am currently struggling with Pinterest and I hope I can figure it out soon. Thanks so much, Cristina! The more we can get for free the better when just starting out! Good luck with your blog. Awesome round-up! Either way, awesome blog. Love the social media planner. It seems it will really help keep a person organized and all your social media under control. In the end they politely declined, and that was that.

7 Things You Must Do When Accepting Freebies As a Blogger

So should bloggers be asking for freebies? Or is it merely a marketing transaction, where one person is offering to market a company in return for something of monetary value? Do you think that responding in such a negative fashion to such requests is the right thing to do?

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So what do you think? The principle is tried and tested. Taking it one step further, Nike actually pay Roger Federer millions of dollars to use their product. But for every blog like this, there are countless others where the focus is not so clear. If Nomadic Matt was writing a piece about my hotel asking if he could stay free of charge, would I say yes?

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Of course, I know his target audience and I can make education assumptions around the reasons people follow him. Providing I am satisfied with quality and service of my hotel, it can only be sensible business decision and hopefully increase custom. I would actually be a little concerned if Elle Darby was making a video about my hotel, let alone allowing her to stay free of charge to do it. If you have a clear focus and an obvious target audience, then I see absolutely nothing wrong with asking.

It would be little different to an actor walking into a restaurant and demanding a free meal just because he is famous, the principle at least. Even if the restaurant may see an increase in trade, the actor just comes across as spoilt and self entitled. Thank you so much for leaving such a detailed comment! Yes looking at her channel if her audience is completely irrelevant then it looks like a much worse proposition for the hotel and seems a lot more cheeky her asking. But on the other hand the response still seems a bit much. I think what you say is really important, if the request is for a targeted audience as you say, then it would be a lot more reasonable than just using levels of fame or general reach.

I actually spent three weeks at the hotel in question before this situation blew up.

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Great place, great staff and a very quirky sense of humour. I did not ask for free accommodation or even a discount. As a blogger and professional photographer I never ask for free stuff. My business is conducted through my website not my blog and is a commercial transaction between two parties. Just my opinion of course. YouTube personality will never replace valuable content, hard work and persistence at least in a business sense.

Again, just my two cents worth. Best regards, Steve. A lot of the reason I think the story shocked me was the extent of the negative response from the owner, not just the email but going on to send them the sarcastic bill, linking to videos, even creating t-shirts about the issue.

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A lot of which does seem tongue in cheek however, and the whole situation has probably massively benefited both parties publicity wise. So it is interesting to see what a response of a brand would be that was approached rather than doing the approaching. I agree. I have been given a few freebies, I was given free entrance to Fundy trail Parkway, a free night of camping and a breakfast at another and a free wine tasting at a winery but I never asked for anything.

I agree, and likewise I would never agree to a biased opinion or review, always try to be genuine. But thanks for sharing your experience! Cost of things nowadays are sky high. I definitely agree, hence I was very surprised when I saw another similar sized blog had been sponsored.