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Peter proclaims himself mayor, and Joe and Clevemire join him to form a ruling council.

In time, New Quahog has become a fresh new community, complete with houses and wells. Peter has successfully reigned as mayor despite many mistakes, such as giving people jobs just picked out of a hat rather than based on the person's skills. However, when Brian points out how New Quahog is a peaceful place with no violence, Peter says that they are completely defenseless and finds metal to make guns.

Family Guy - Peter and Trump Fighting

Meanwhile, Stewie's body has completely transforms into an octopus, and when Lois tries put Stewie on with the pajamas with a trap door on the back, he sprays with ink but misses it. Then he tries to get on into the celling and soon falls off and Lois catches him then says that he is getting heavy. Stewie suddenly lays hundreds of eggs. Peter shows and makes guns that he uses the pipes from the city's irrigation system to make guns and other weapons, outraging the citizens. Despite Peter's insistence that he is fit to continue to be the leader of the new community, the townspeople throw him out of New Quahog, along with his family.

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The citizens proceed to burn the guns Peter had made with the pipes in the middle of the town square, but once the final gun is thrown onto the pile, hundreds of newly spawned Octopus-Stewies eggs hatch and they begin to destroy the city, with the townspeople unable to protect themselves from the mutants. As the family walks away, oblivious to the town's destruction, they decide to continue to a Carvel factory in Framingham.

The episode ends with a live-action parody of Dallas , in which Pam Ewing Victoria Principal wakes up and tells her husband Bobby Patrick Duffy about a dream she had of a strange episode of Family Guy. Bobby comforts her, but pauses and then asks "What's Family Guy?

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It first aired on December 26, This was the first episode to have Mila Kunis providing the voice of Meg. Once she claimed that she had it under control, MacFarlane hired her. Ernie the Giant Chicken was introduced in this episode. He is an anthropomorphic chicken who serves as a rival to Peter.

He has a long, unexpected fight with Peter, which interrupts the main storyline. In addition to the regular cast, actress Victoria Principal , comedian and actor Will Sasso , reporter, commentator, war correspondent, anchorman Jack Perkins , voice actor Joey Slotnick , and character actor Patrick Duffy guest starred in the episode.

Recurring guest voice actress Lori Alan , writer Danny Smith , and actor Patrick Warburton also made minor appearances. Chris tells E. When travelling to find food they are stopped and there's a reference to Family Feud. Game over! Arriving at the Twinkie factory, Peter uses the same words to describe what he sees that Dr. Ellie Arroway used in Contact when witnessing a celestial event in a foreign galaxy.

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Gets Dated

The episode received positive reviews. Almost every joke succeeds, and the far-fetched alternate reality storyline thoroughly entertains. When he spilled all the samples, yes, disgusting as usual, he had to fill up all the jars himself. Now you might think this makes no sense considering that Bertram is younger than Stewie by quite a bit but it does make for a great fight since the two are obviously equally matched, somehow, in intelligence, skill, and the ability to draw upon resources that, in any other cartoon, might be seen as kind of extraneous.

But this is Family Guy, things just happen because the writers want them to, so it fits. That being the case, this duel between Peter and Trump was something that was not only hilarious but kind of meaningful in a way since the way it ended was just as funny if not outright patronizing. Ah yes , Homer vs. Peter, a true test of the flabby titans.

You would almost think that Peter might have this one largely because he has the greater amount of mass, but the kind of punishment that Homer can dish out and take is simply amazing. The fact that the two men pretty much destroy Springfield and then destroy an alien spaceship and then eventually walk away is just a testament to the fact that neither of them is really favored over the other, and that the Griffins and the Simpsons are better off apart, but are still loved by a great many fans.

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