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Clearly, my kids are less, and they do not jump or play on the beds. I'm very strict on this, it just gradually warped and snapped after I've visually inspected both planks. I've tried calling the main office but no live person ever answers. I've tried typing names at random and the telephone system failed to transfer. When asked to leave a message, it said that the voice mail is full, which I feel is purposely done to avoid taking calls. I've emailed them to ask for a replacement support beams for the bunk beds.

The first time, they said that the bunk bed is discontinued and the email ended. They won't even hear my plead to send a similar wooden support as how different does the wooden support from one bed bunk to the next can possibly be. After going back to BJ's, they said that they can't do anything because after installation, they can't take it back. After seeing the same one still being offered at BJs, I've said that they discontinued this according to Linon customer service's email. BJ's management told me that it wasn't true or else BJ's would pull the item off if it's discontinued.

They said that according to their records, it's still being sold everywhere. My kids are being put in a dangerous situation that they are not willing to resolve. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I bought 2 iPods. I had issues with both iPods so I returned them both. The manager on duty understood the reasons for the return and approved the return.

I did not get to even listen to the iPod.

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The LP manager then accused me of damaging the items with water and they were not the same products she sold me. They definitely were the same products. I did not want to return the iPods, but after all the issues, I gave up on trying to get the items to work. I spoke with iPod directly and they advised me to do the returns.

So I did. My account was then put on hold without my knowledge. It was very embarrassing being held up in a long line and being told there is a Loss Prevention issue on my account. I have spent a lot of money with BJ's and have been a loyal member for at least 4 years.

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I feel this issue was handled poorly. When I called to speak with the LP manager, she was very brash and rude. She also held a yelling match with me, accusing me, and I don't feel any loyal customer should be treated in this manner. I do not think this is fair and the manager should be held accountable for this. The back brand new still with nipples on them , I noticed the wear all of a sudden and brought the vehicle Trailblazer back to BJs.

They told me, without looking at the vehicle, that it was because my car was out of alignment. I asked how they knew and why would this happen in such a short period of time? They said, "sorry, you should have gotten an alignment". I asked to speak to a manager and was told that I was talking to the manager she was very young and she had personally looked at the tires. She said, "sorry, there is nothing that we can do.

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I emailed the corporate and was told "sorry for your experience, someone will get with you to resolve this issue". One week later, no response from anyone. This is how they treat their members. I have been a member for 15 years. He is rude, loud, very unprofessional. His pants are always sagging showing his underwear. He's always on his cell phone using profanity. If you ask him for help, he says that's not what he gets paid on Christmas eve.

I saw him in a verbal argument with what looked like a customer as she was getting in her SUV using language that was unfit for anyone to hear while other workers was trying to pull him away from the lady's SUV. I didn't bother to talk to the managers this time because I have in the past and nothing was done.

If there was another BJs closer to my home or work, I wouldn't even step foot in that one only because of that one employee. I received my laptop for a birthday present in I am a very basic user; I only surf the net. I do not download music, movies or anything else and have nothing but crash problems.

I have emailed them to no avail, no response whatsoever. I get it. I would never buy anything with the name Gateway and neither should anyone else. If there's ever a class action suit, I definitely want in. I feel horrible that my mom spent that kind of money for something I cannot use, after many crashes, and now nothing. It's just dead. Someone please help, this is totally not fair to the consumer. I have called twice, once speaking with Nate the so-called manager but to no avail.

They say they are having trouble contacting Sylvania or wherever they purchase it from and I am leaving messages for a return call. I am receiving nothing and have not, as yet, been able to use my new TV. I would like to voice a complaint against them. I then went into BJ's, made purchases with, and renewed my membership card, again, using my debit card which was approved at the point of sale.

She spoke with Linda and Mary Ann at customer service, both of which told her, there was nothing they could do. She had to wait the next day for "Anne" to investigate. Distraught, my friend called me and I spoke with one of the two, who was very rude and annoyed, to even have to speak with me.


We do not understand what happened, or how this alleged purchase occurred. I obtained proof of payment for my purchases from my bank, and brought them into to BJ's. We waited in line at the customer service desk, to be treated with glares from Linda and Mary Ann, who seemed quite annoyed to see us standing there. Again, we were told there is nothing they can do. I asked for a supervisor, so they got Valerie who was even more annoyed, and proceeded to chastise us, telling my friend "you were just here," and telling me there is nothing she can do.

When I asked to speak to the store manager, they initially refused. He made us wait over ten minutes, and during that time spoke to one of the sales associates via phone. Her back was turned to us for much of the conversation, but she turned around, looked at me and told Mike, "They're still here". It was after this that Mike finally showed up. I showed him my proof of payment, which he had no interest in viewing. We were told again there is nothing we can do for you, you need to wait for "Anne", who is apparently, the loss prevention supervisor. Mike's whole demeanor leads me to perceive he sees us as absolutely in the wrong, apparently guilty of theft of gas, and that he doesn't need to speak with us, because it is not his job.

Having been in retail and corporate customer service management for over twenty years, a clear picture of BJ's Wholesale Club has been painted for me after this experience. I can tell you that if there is a serious issue with loss prevention at this BJ's location, Anne is certainly not doing her job. Judging from their treatment of, and unwillingness to help customers with problems, or unresolved issues, the supervisory team needs to be restrained, retrained, or replaced. This unacceptable and gross lack of customer service skills generally trickles down from corporate, to the regional manager, the district manager, the store manager, the supervisors, and finally to the employees.

The damage is that Ruth's BJ's membership has been terminated, and her attempts in person to resolve it were stifled by the the staff at this BJ's location. It's always hard to get any assistant from any one in the management flied. Price's are marked wrong, things are out of stock. Most of the time there one to no cashiers that are open.

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Gas price's aren't really priced lower then places around. But most of all, like above the management is just bad there. No help at all. We have complained several times about the lack of cashiers to check customers out and the fact that the self check-outs don't work well. Also, there are items that won't scan which have been issues for months.

We have spoken to the manager but I really don't think they are really concerned. There is competition now that Sam's Club has opened in the East End, so they need to keep up their customer service. It included shipping to my residence. I called BJ's and they would not honor the lower price. I feel really ripped off!

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BJ's card companies has alleged fees that were disputed and underlying charges that were real were paid in full. BJ's cc continued to hold accounts open charging fees and interest on the disputed charges. They have attempted "threats to collect" and reported large amounts of charged off nonpayment. Use BJ's at your own risk as ethics are non-existent.

BJ's blamed the cc but they made minimal attempts to assist in my complaints. They reported on my credit as bad debt at ten times the original disputed charges. This isi the only blemish but given bankings general problems, it was enough to cause problems with my credit. I do not understand why my TV is not working when nobody touches it and I live by my own. My TV never turns on. This is not right.

I do not have even one year with this TV. My question is if you can replace it. I only used the glass one time, the second time I put it on, the frame was broken for no reason. When I put it on, the arm of the glass frame fell off by itself. I was told that frame could not be fixed as they didn't have a new arm of the frame.

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They are not responsible for anything, I could not contact the manufacturer and all other optical stores told me go back to the BJ where I purchased the frame from them. So, the prescription lens is a waste. As it was made to fit the Fendi frame, it can't be used in other frame as the size and shape of glasses are different from each other. Even I get a new frame, my insurance company, David Vision, will not give me discount anymore. My lens is very complicated as I have glaucoma and other problems.

I suffer great loss that I can't afford to get a pair of new glass again. It is unfair to the consumer that BJ treated their customers badly. I only used one time. I hope that you would help me to get compensation from the merchant. I need a pair of glass for reading and at work. Thank you very much for your kind attention to this matter. It's their responsibility to get the arm of the frame from the manufacturer, as I don't know how to contact the manufacturer.

It's the responsibility of the store. I rec'd a confirmation email at am and then at am I rec'd a cancellation as the item was not in stock. In the confirmation email I was advisd that my credit card would not be charged until the item was shipped. I checked with both bj's and my bank. I was basically told by bj's that even though I was advised that the charge would not be placed until the item shipped, that bj's makes the autorizing bank set aside the money to be debited.

My bank advised that when the money is set aside it is deducted and essentially taken out of your account. My major issue is that bj's should not be advising that your account won't be chargd until shipping. It is not true. The money is set aside and is deducted from your account. It is gone! Also, to get the money debited back into my checking account it takes business days. My bank was unable to do anything to protect me from the "unauthorized" taking of my money as they cannot do anything with pending charges. Another issue: until the day time frame is complete, I cannot dispute the charge because it is pending.

We contacted BJS warehouse thinking they were one and the same and they gave us what they could 3 droopy bunches.

I didn't get back to a computer for a couple of weeks due to my husbands illness - when I did and contacted directbouquet at bjs. They offered to send me roses which would be utterly ridiculous!! The wedding is OVER! I have been a BJ's member for 5 years now. So I called home so that my son would bring it. I waited 35 to 40 min.

Once I got my ID, I went to check out. Katrina came and I had made a comment about how maybe BJ's should have a system that was able to see members' date of birth. I asked for her to get a manager and she stated okay. As she handed me my receipt, she pushed me. She pushed so hard that my slipper came off. I pushed back and she began to attack me. So, I held her back the only way I could and pushed her off of me. She fell to the ground. Mind you, while this was happening, my daughter was there the whole time.

No one came to help, not management, security or other cashiers.

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  8. Mind you, this happened in the front of the store. I felt that this was completely uncalled for. I have been in customer service for 10 years and would never put my hand on a customer no matter what. This was the most crazy thing I ever had happen. As I left, management was not helpful at all. They gave me no information on corp. I feel that as a customer of BJ's of 5 years that another form of action should have taken place. Offer valid on all car groups, excluding specialty vehicles, at participating locations in the contiguous U.

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