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I had an original, but it was brewing different amounts every time I brewed it, so they sent me the 2. I hate it. You have to hold the power icon on the screen to power off the brewer. Is this a good price of the K and the other high-end models? I just starting looking at purchasing a Keurig and want to find a deal! I knew there was a reason! Just ordered the k! I just ordered this. Can I use this with this new keurig? I sure hope so because I rarely purchase k-cups. The 2. I would definetly upgrade if you can. This was not a valid promo for anyone BUT Dr.

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Keurig 2.0 Review - K300 Series Coffee Maker with Carafe

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Don't Miss Out! Join our large community of insiders - it's totally free! What are ya waiting for?! By Bryn Executive Editor. Getting Toasty! Hiplist Print 31 Comments. Did You See These? Reply 3. Collin Mrs. Hip August 14, at am MST. Reply 1. Dan August 14, at am MST. Yes, it does come with the carafe!!

Keurig 2.0 K350 Brewer

Just received my order today! Amy August 14, at pm MST. Tiffany August 14, at pm MST. Can you use regular K-cups with it as well as off brand k cups? Reply 2. Ashley August 14, at pm MST. Yes you can actually.

Katie August 14, at pm MST. Jordan August 14, at pm MST. Lyndie August 14, at pm MST. Hip August 14, at pm MST. Laura August 14, at pm MST. It says it uses K-Cup Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10 ounce, hope that helps! Alishia August 14, at pm MST. Christy August 14, at pm MST. If you want a small coffee maker which is able to satisfy your preference of strong coffee, this model is for you. This model is highlighted with a ounce water reservoir, along with a 2.

It also offers a strength control setting to brew stronger coffee. Thanks to the including of Keurig carafe, you can start your brewing with K-cup and K-carafe pods. Plus, it is designed with new K2. It offers a separate setting for you to brew other drinks, like mocha, hot cocoa, and chai. This model is for those who like to experience new technology and look for perfect coffee at home. The K is one of the most popular model. Beside the features popular among Keurig 2.

Also, it comes with a user-friendly touchscreen. In term of production, it offers more than well-matched K-Cup pack from almost 60 different brands. Plus, it offers six K-Cup packs along with four K-Carafe packs for you to get started.

Kohl’s: Keurig K Coffee Brewing System on Sale! -

It is an ideal choice to those who are new to Keurig. This model introduces some new features that are not available in other affordable models. It has the same features as the three models mentioned above, but the water reservoir is better-lit and offers a flip top lid as a bonus. Rather than two basic colors of Black and White, it is available some more colors.

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It claims to offer smooth and flavorful coffee in the end. This models is for home using also and suitable for those who most consider smooth and flavorful result in the end. As a model by Keurig 2. It looks like the Platinum Plus Brewing System. It is great for making quick cup or carafe of coffee with the least work possible.

This is one more ultimate coffee maker by Keurig 2. It allows brewing a 4-cup carafe, as easy and convenient as brewing a single-serve cup. You are given over varieties from 75 brands you love. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy various coffee flavors with simple brewing. This great 4-cup stainless steel carafe is specially designed for Keurig 2.

Beside amazing features of a keurig 2. It is a must-have item for those who often enjoy coffee once after finishing brewing. In general, they share the same working way as the traditional Keurigs do-Pop in a K-cup and brew. But with the addition of 2. And whatever models you are about to use, you can brew a single cup within minute.

The New Keurig 2.0 Brewer – Review

The models which introduce ounce carafe and the number of K-carafe packs allow you to make up to 4 cups in a brewing time. And the whole time to finish this process is around 3 minutes- a bit longer compared to brewing a single cup. To be clearer about each model, I recommend you checking detailed Keurig 2.

Small cups size of 4, 6, 8, and 10 ounces work only with K-cups with special encoding in the lids and produced after July , which maybe not available in some retailed shops.

Keurig 2.0 K350 Only $69.99 Shipped, Was $189.99

But you can ask for a coupon to exchange for a new one if you want to replace your old one. Large cup sizes of 12, 14 and 16 sizes match only Vue packs, which are slightly being changed to work with 2. Small K-carafes are required when you want to brew a small carafe of coffee, of course. And now, there are 10 different flavors for you to choose from.

You even have much more option when using Vue packs and carafe packs.

When the machines are not inserted with a K-Cup or K-carafe, they can be used to produce hot water to make hot tea, chocolate, other hot drinks, oatmeal…but the working way is slightly different. While the K model comes with a button for both dispensing and holding down hot water, other models are able to produce hot water during brewing with no need of a coffee pod. When K-cups are added, the machines are to directly make hot chocolate, iced tea, lemonade, espresso, so on.

The process is different among the models, so check the manual enclosed in the box for detailed instructions. These machines do not require any coffee or water filter.

Difference Between the K300/350/360, K400/450/460, and K500/550/560 – Model Comparison

This water filter is helpful to improve the off-tasting water flavor, and offer better tasting coffee in the end. The optional water filter kit built in K, K and K can only improve the water taste, not take out the mineral that can be collected inside the machines. Plus, softened water, hard water, reverse osmosis water and distilled water are all not recommended.

Keep in mind that no matter what type of water used, mineral deposits will be likely to build up inside the machine. So in order to make sure that your unit will always in good performance, do cleaning regularly to remove such deposits. The time to finish a brewing depends on your selected cup sizes. All machines controlling is done through an easy-to-use touch screen. The power button is designed in the bottom at the right corner of the touch screen. It is only visible when the unit is on. The machine comes with a one-year warranty.

But it is only valid if the defects are caused under normal use at home in the U. S and Canada.

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The customer service is available 7 days a week. So if you run into any issues when using the machine, please contact by phone at working time or by email at any time. The manufacture staff will be always willing to help you with any performance issues. To the issues on refunds or replacements, you are recommended contacting the sellers. In case of replacements, you should contact to ask for help from manufacturer first because they may suggest useful solution, sometimes no replacement is required.

Remember that warranty will be invalid if you take out the machine and fix the problems yourself. So be careful with any action. With the knowledge in product features and product parts above, we can summarize the good things of the system with some points as follow:. I have found hundreds of Keurig 2. In general, most of the users are satisfied with these great brewing machines. On the other hand, there are also some users who are not very happy with the machine at some extends. Many of those who support the products share that they like the models because they offer better coffee, especially the stronger coffee option which is hardly found in other coffee maker brands.

In addition, the machines are all easy to use, they can make their fresh cup of coffee after reading some instructions. The machines are also highly appreciated because they offer option to brew a carafe, which is especially convenient when you need to serve some people at the same time. Actually, there are a lot of more reviews around Keurig 2. These reviews are not many, the information about product features, pros and cons above is enough for you to have a correct assessment about the product, I believe.