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TarquinOliverNimrod: I don't know why they would close your account for visiting the ebay US site - changing your address to a US one, yeah I get that, but not for visiting the. It's no different in terms of warranty, unless you specifically buy items from US sellers. So how does this work? See other threads about this for full details. Very basically - Set up a new ebay. Add code at checkout. Also ebay giftcard works as more discount.

Budju: Shipping is normal cost as stated at checkout. It will be shipped to your Australian address if you have it stated as shipping address at checkout. You can buy anything you find on ebay. Just tested and it worked… stoked! Hoping to get it work so i can save even more later tonight.

Monty Getting the same message. Monty My apologies everyone - it doesn't actually work. When I tested it earlier, I was on eBay. Then tonight when I tried to use the discount code it of course did not work, so I then realised I had to switch accounts. The gift card didn't work with my US account. No, they are excluded.

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Plus gift cards are region specific e. Not working for me. Says "Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again.

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It works for me. I just tried it. I haven't bought anything yet but logged into ebay. Then remove the. Monty thanks gadgetguy. It says more than 10 available for me. I even added it to the cart and applied the discount. Try again or use another browser. Monty Ok, must be the cookies.

Gonna try incognito.

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I haven't figured out a solution yet. Hoping other's that have had success can report back a workaround. I'm aiming to snap this.. US site says sold 25 and zero quantity. Au site can add to cart and sold Great to hear. Is it possible that Officeworks limits their range for the US site? I can't see any phones through eBay. All trademarks are owned by their respective owners. Style by Arty - Update phpBB 3. Privacy Terms. Skip to content.

Quick links. Logout Register. I Saw A Bargain Here! Also, other watch and watch accessory deal threads.

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The Ebay discount code and Ebay bucks thread. Please post here any discount codes currently live, or upcoming, either targeted or not, to give us all a heads up. Ebay bucks promotions would be helpful as well. Re: The Ebay discount code and Ebay bucks thread. I tried my best to go through all the slickdeals posts for sitewide eBay coupons to record when they occurred and the details.

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I included the discounts that were exclusive to the eBay app but did not include some of the smaller sitewide coupons i. People are always asking when the next coupon is going to be nobody knows or what the pattern is good luck figuring it out but I have found the easiest way to not miss one is to keep a close eye on slickdeals.

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