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The camera can auto-focus while recording a movie, and it has an external microphone jack for capturing audio, too.

The Canon EOS Rebel T5i / EOS 700D is a great camera – and you can get it for a great price too

While the T5i is slightly larger and heavier than the T5, it also shares many features. Both models share the same megapixel resolution and sensor size. The lens has a different physical appearance fro the mm IS lens that comes with the T5. The camera has a deep, easy-to-handle right grip.

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At the top sits an embossed, easy-to-read degree dial, with standard settings for manual, aperture, shutter priority, automatic, and program modes, as well as selections for enhanced modes such as macro, landscape, creative auto, sports, and portrait , and scene modes for specialized shooting Night Portrait, Handheld Night Scene, and HDR Backlight Control.

To navigate the exposure settings, you use a combination of the horizontal scroll wheel on top of the camera and the Q button at the back. The dial itself is better defined and easier to read and turn than on the T5. While shooting, I found it a little awkward to switch in and out of movie mode on the fly with my fingers.

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I appreciated that the ISO control was a dedicated button, and not just an option accessible via the on-screen display. Along the right side sits a compartment for storing an SD card. And I especially liked navigating the on-screen display on the high-resolution touchscreen—even if it got tiresome having to first tap either the physical Q button or the bottom left corner of the display itself every time I wanted to change a setting.

At least Canon lets you use alternate using the physical buttons and the onscreen display.

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This is incredibly helpful, since sometimes you may find it faster or more intuitive to one or the other. The articulating display is one of my favorite features on the T5i.

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The included 18mmmm EFS STM kit lens provides a wide enough angle to capture everything from those selfies to landscapes. And the camera remains light enough to easily hold in one hand. Like the T5, the T5i has a 9-point auto-focus.

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Still, with just those nine points of auto-focus, I felt a bit limited in range when attempting to creatively frame images. Adjusting focus is easy: Tap the focus button at the far right top corner, then use the scroll wheel at top, or the four-way buttons at bottom, to cycle among the focus points.

I found Live View focus frustrating—the camera often needed more time to lock in than a modern-day smartphone. Tapping the Q button at the upper-right brings up shooting mode adjustments, distributed in a U-shape around the display.

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Memory Cards. The more megapixels, the bigger your memory card should be.

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Most tripods in bundles are straight garbage. A free bag is always good to have. Whatever you get is perfectly fine.